FitMag – June’16

Welcome to our June issue! There is great excitement in bringing this issue to you this month and you will find a richer and ‘fatter’ magazine now as we continue to grow stupendously 🙂

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In this issue you will read about the ketogenic diet: when you should follow it and when you should not!, learn the basics of building a strong core and also know the science behind that stubborn fat which refuses to leave your body and more.

With the start of Ramadan this month, a lot of our readers would have questions about what to eat, when to eat and similarly a lot of questions about their training. You will find all your answers in a succinct article covering this in detail.

SQUATS association with Menno Henselmans continues to deepen. We have great respect for his rational approach in making sense of all the research that is available on nutrition and training. You will get to know him better through his article ‘Why Diet Fail and ‘Eat Less, Move More’ is Bad Advice’. He has also agreed to come to meet us in India and be a part of ‘SQUATS Connect: Wellness Convention 2016’, to be held later this year. But I am not supposed to talk about it now! More details about the Convention will follow soon!

You will also find a heart warming story of how a person’s confidence in their mentor and their hard work gave him a new lease on life. The SQUATS consultants are not magicians but some stories really do make us believe that we are no less. The transformation of the month is also just as inspiring if not more. After reading these stories you will also agree that overcoming any obstacle in life is a test of your resolve and determination. You will always come out stronger on the other side.

So dear readers, if you take anything from this issue, take away the fact that we want you to feel challenged, we want you to explore your boundaries and then go further. It is what makes us feel alive and in control.

As always, if there is anything you love or hate about the magazine, please do send me your feedback and suggestions at

Until next month,

Stay Fit. Stay Healthy.