Fitmag Litfest – Scoring Parameters

Fitmag Litfest Chapter 1: Scoring parameters

Articles will be scored on the following 4 parameters:

1. Content –

  1. Articles must be technically and logically sound.
  2. They must be substantiated by adequate research where required.
  3. They must not contain bias and propaganda without proof to back them up.

2. Grammar and language –

  1. Articles to be grammatically sound and free of typographical errors.
  2. Standard punctuation rules will apply. Punctuation errors will not be penalized but will count towards the overall structure and layout.
  3. Tone of the articles should be non-inflammatory and should not intend to hurt any sentiments.
  4. Articles to have a clear and logical structure and flow.

3. Humour –

  1. Articles will receive points for including wit and humour in appropriate places.
  2. This does not call for crass or lewd references and any such references will be penalized.

Overall Quality Score: Articles will be scored 0-2 points on each of these three quality parameters, where 2 is the maximum number of points possible. Any article, therefore, will stand to get a maximum of 6 points overall, and a minimum of 0.

4. Effort –

Each article submitted will be awarded 0.5 points simply for the effort taken to write it. So, the more you write, the more you stand to score.

The Effort points will be added to the Overall Quality Score to arrive at the grand total per contestant.


Disclaimer – Fitmag reserves the right to judge the contest entries as per our standards. The judgement of Fitmag will be non-disputable, final, and binding. Any queries or grievances may be addressed on a case-by-case basis by sending an email to Please mention ‘Fitmag Litfest 1’ in your subject line.