Fitmag Litfest – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (including Disqualification criteria)

  • Fitmag reserves the right to judge the winners of this contest. No disputes of any kind will be entertained.
  • Fitmag reserves the right to edit the articles as per Fitmag requirements for publication.
  • Shortlisted and Winning entries will be the property of Fitmag. They can be published and shared by Fitmag alone, and can be shared by individual authors/members post publication, with necessary permissions.
  • Contestants are prohibited strictly from (Disqualification Criteria):
  1. Deviating from the guidelines for submission.
  2. Use of swear words, racial slur, or gender discriminatory references in their articles.
  3. Plagiarising from sources on the Internet, or from other reference books/journals. Please bring originality to the table. Any accusation of plagiarism against any article will be treated seriously and all further entries from that contestant will be summarily rejected.
  4. Unhealthy competition is to be strictly avoided. Please use the Litfest forums to communicate and encourage rather than discourage other contestants.
  5. Handwritten and scanned articles ssent via e-mail will not be accepted.
  • Fitmag’s decisions will be considered final and binding.

Registration closes on March 4, 12 midnight IST. To register, please visit – Litfest Registration Form


Disclaimer – Fitmag reserves the right to judge the contest entries as per our standards. The judgement of Fitmag will be non-disputable, final, and binding. Any queries or grievances may be addressed on a case-by-case basis by sending an email to Please mention ‘Fitmag Litfest’ in your subject line.