Fitmag LOL – Dealing with Aunty Advice



“You will look like a man if you weight train.”

Protein powder is bad, it’s toxic!”

“You can never look like the younger you…”

“Don’t do this diet, you will be unhealthy.”

“You are too thin to be weight training, you should eat ghee ke parathe.”


 Who all have heard such disparaging remarks from their neighbors, gym trainers, relatives, or sometimes even close friends?

Face it – people are going to talk you down, and give an opinion no matter what you do. Some of them will even try their best to bring your energy down, feed you negative thoughts, talk behind your back, and should you succeed at what you are doing, they will have a spiteful comment on that as well… while some others might try to take the credit of your hard work (yeah, that too!)

But the only way to fight back is to stay strong and stay focused on your goals. Your vision should make sense to you even if nobody else believes in it, and you have to get back up every time someone pushes you down.

Appreciate the good people in life, surround yourself with positive influences, choose to ignore the negativity and work consistently for what you believe is right. Educate yourself, learn new things every day, make changes, make short term goals, and hustle without a care in the world to make your dreams come true. Because, face it – the hurdles are what makes the journey interesting.

And next time someone passes a negative remark about your journey, just smile at them and move on. After all, you know that YOU know better.


Illustration and article credits – Nikita Mankar