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Editor’s Message


What is Love? Probably the most difficult question in existence after “What is life?”

But before we go into the Valentine’s celebration, let’s talk about loving ourselves.

Why should we love ourselves? Isn’t self-love essentially something that makes us selfish, egoistic, short-sighted, and narrow-minded?
Not true. In fact, loving oneself and self-love aren’t the same things at all. Self love is largely a negative emotion. It makes us think only of ourselves before anyone else. It makes us prioritize our needs, our gains, our welfare, and caters to our ego. It makes us greedy and selfish and incapable of sympathy.

Loving oneself, on the other hand, is when we accept who we are. Accept our minuses and pluses in equal measure. Accept our ordinariness. And accepting is the first step of loving unconditionally. When we love ourself, we are comfortable being who we are, and it does not diminish our ambitions, but makes them more realistic. It does not blind us to others, it makes us more aware of their positives rather than being prejudiced by their negatives. It makes us appreciate the blessings in our lives, starting with our health, our bodies, our attitude, and extending to our surroundings, the people around us, the very air we breathe! To love oneself, therefore, is one of the most powerful act of affirmation for the human mind.
This February, while the Valentine fever rages, we at Fitmag want you to ‘Love Yourself’ first. Take some time off to learn something new, to explore your interests. Treat your body better, give it the attention it deserves (read what is good for your heart with our Heart special articles). Get dressed to make yourself feel good. Take your beloved one(s) out for a special treat (or make it yourself at home – check out our Recipe of the Month). Indulge in healthy food (which includes Dark Chocolate – Read about it here!), and spice up things in your relationship too…

We bring you tips to make this Valentine’s Day a very special one indeed.

So read, enjoy, and share. Remember, love multiplies when shared!

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Editor-in-Chief, FITMAG