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Editor’s Note

We are celebrating Women this month. We are celebrating this gift of God to mankind which has made genesis itself possible. And while the entire world celebrated Women’s Day, there were women still being suppressed, there were women whose voices were still being silenced, and there were women who were still fighting for basic human rights, all around the world.

But still, the entire world celebrates 8th of March and posts inspiring posts all across social media.
So where’s the problem? Where’s the loophole?

The problem, I believe, is in our actions and thoughts in a closed room or a dark alley or any place even in broad daylight –  when no one’s watching us. What do we do then? What do we think then?
If that changes, then the whole world changes.
So today, here’s what I want you to do – Give a thought about your thoughts when you are in a situation where no one’s watching you.

Do you think your ideas and thoughts represent what you portray to the world?
That should tell you what’s wrong with the world and what’s right. Let’s try to make that better.
Remember, Change begins with us.

As for this month’s edition, we have lot of articles for you that will help you as a woman and the women in your life get fitter, healthier, better, stronger!
Oh, and guess you’ve already seen who’s on the Cover!
Read my interview with her about her journey.

(Hint – She won Roadies 2017)

Thanks to the entire team for making this edition this good, especially our sub-editor Bhavani Rajesh – Thank you for bringing to our team, the strength that only a woman can truly bring.

Do send your feedback to me at I’d love to hear from you!

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!
– Dev Biswas