Fitmag Magazine – September issue

The most complex things on earth are also the simplest at the core”. That is true in almost every sense and every field, across diverse scientific literatures and the best of studies. It’s usually the simplest stuff that matters more but gets overlooked in the search of hidden treasure. We at FITMAG believe that everything can be broken down into its elements to be presented to you in a way that you can benefit from, and that has been our endeavour since our very inception.

As Autumn’s almost knocking at our door, we are here with the simplest of topics that you’d want to read about, topics that can really make a marked difference in your fitness goals. Starting from diet tips for hostellers, to the evils of bariatric surgery – we have it all in this issue for you. However, most importantly, we are giving our readers an opportunity to feature on the magazine as cover models and guest authors, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this issue, and in some of the future issues. So keep reading and keep learning. Tomorrow you may be featured in the magazine too!

With the September issue, we thank you for the immense love and support that you, our readers, have shown to the FITMAG family and the work that we have been doing. We’d like to thank all our authors, photographers, models, and our entire team, who have contributed insightful content that we can bring to you. Why? Because Fitmag is an evolving space and the trust that you have shown us already is unbelievable! Thank you for sharing our vision of making the world a better place, a healthier place.

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Stay Healthy, Alive, and Kicking!

Dev Biswas,
Editor-in-Chief, FITMAG