The light of the universe, the origin of creation, the definition of strength, power, victory, peace and completeness and the very source of existence.

Yes, I’m talking about the one existential factor of creation that the world can’t do without, Women.

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While every day is theirs, this one day in the month of March is solely dedicated to them and we wish every person our best wishes for this sense of celebration. That’s the reason why we at FitMag are celebrating womanhood this month with our women’s-special theme. You’ll find many interesting topics to scour and get enlightened with related to health and fitness in women that you can put to use yourself or can suggest someone close.

Hope you’ll enjoy every bit of this issue, the way we’ve enjoyed creating it. Write to me for feedback or any FitMag related communication at

Have a great month ahead, see you in April!


Dev Biswas,

Editor-in-Chief, Fitmag