FitMag- May’16

Welcome to the May issue of FitMag. You will find this issue loaded with information and all credit goes to our individual contributors. We cover the hot topics of HIIT and Intermittent Fasting both of which hold great promise for those pursuing fat loss.

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Several times in a hurry to complete our workouts, we take shortcuts with our warm-up and stretching routine. And we will tell you why you shouldn’t. They are pivotal not just to prevent injury but also improve your performance. The article talks about all this and more. Further, our nutrition expert shares with you the 12 best foods for the coming summer months which will not just keep you cool but are also great for losing weight.

But all this information is incomplete if we didn’t mix it up with a healthy dose of motivation 🙂 All our client’s results and their stories leave us inspired and asking for more. In this issue we not only have an amazing story in the transformation of the month (a big thank you to all those who voted!) but you will also read about the TC 2.0 challenge undertaken by so many of you. The results were announced a few days back and the transformations are truly unique.

We started this magazine to bring you closer to real people struggling to write their success stories. Earlier this month we met one such person who is struggling against all odds and fighting to keep his dream alive. Read about Ravi, a sprinter, fighting for his chance to represent India in Olympics in Rio. Even stunning winning records are not enough to get our country’s athletes the support and respect they deserve. But this time, instead of cursing the authorities and the system, you can make a difference. Do read about Ravi and help us, help him.

As always, if there is anything you love or hate about the magazine, please do send me your feedback and suggestions at

Hope you enjoy reading this issue just as much as we enjoyed putting it together