FITMAG – November 2016

What is ageing?

Turn to science, it will say it hasn’t been able to define it yet. Yes, there are signs and symptoms of ageing, but not really a proper definition. Look at a sea hydra, the term ageing is totally absent in its world.

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But as humans, we age with every passing year, and eventually we lose the battle of life to diseases and eventually die after years of suffering.

I’m sure that the previous sentence didn’t offend you, but let me tell you, it should!
Why do we take diseases and “old-age and its side effects” for granted? Is there nothing we can do against it, to fight it? Yes, eventually everyone dies, but can’t the years we live be more Life-like?

I helped Devang this year. He was 53 and was diabetic, had hypothyroidism, cholesterol and breathlessness issues. Couldn’t even walk properly for few minutes.
After few months, he started running marathons, frequently. All his diseases…whoooshh!!
This is only one of thousands of other examples at SQUATS.

So what happened to his age? Did he regain his lost years? Sounds like time-travel?
Well, let me reveal the mantra. Age is just, you guessed it right, A number.

Welcome to the November issue of FitMag, where we have tried to break the norms that echo that fitness is just for the young people. Youth is a relative term, that can fill the brim of anyone, irrespective of the insignificant number, his age!
It has echoed itself pretty loud at the Musclemania stage this year where our 40+ athletes have won several trophies and titles. Kudos to the team!

In this 40+ special issue, you’ll read about bone health, joint health, nutritional guidance for the middle aged and elderly, brain health, and a host of other interesting articles by our guest authors, Dr. Paras, Dr. Manoj, Dr. Brad Dieter and others.
That’s not all! JC has something for you on World Diabetes Day, and let Menno’s article remain a secret. Turn the pages to find out!

I thank my team, Trina, Shetty, Kanika and Satabdi for putting in utmost dedication for every issue, but most of all, I thank you, our readers for your continuous support that helps us come out with a better issue every month. Keep showing the love that we need, keep learning from the knowledge we’re trying to spread, and keep giving us your feedback.


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Stay Healthy!

Much Love – Dev.


-Dev Biswas,
Editor-in-Chief, FitMag

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