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Letter From The Editor

Welcome to the November 2018 issue of Fitmag Magazine where we bring you closer to the things that really matter when it comes to helping you become the best version of yourself.

Real Science, Real Stories and Real People has always been our motto and this issue is special because it’s dedicated to the wellness trinity we have always believed in – Mind, Body and Soul.

The Connect of these three factors results in true wellbeing and that exactly is the theme of our November issue. We have excellent content from all the brilliant minds of the SQUATS and FITMAG content community. In this issue, they’ll help you with hacks for your nutrition and training to get better results, meditation and mental health, life-coaching and self-help topics.

This is probably one of the best issues that we have come out with so far. And guess who we have on the cover – that’s right, “The Real Soorma” Sandeep Singh, who fought with death and carved a golden name for himself. His story deserves to be heard by everyone who wishes to get motivated and see the possibilities of where life can take you if you refuse to give up.

Connect is an event where we have icons like Sandeep Singh, Bani J, Mike Israetel, Jared Feather, TedX speakers Syeda Ruksheda and Sachi Maniar , who will talk to you about the trinity of Mind, Body and the Soul. We hope you have a great time at Connect 2018 and take with you key learnings that you’d remember forever.

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali

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Dev Biswas Editor-in-Chief