Fitmag November 2017

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As the year winds down, we at Fitmag are picking up speed, and trying to make our magazine the one-stop resource for all things Health, Nutrition, and Fitness for all age groups. And in November, what is a better age group to celebrate than our little bundles of joy – our children. This time we bring you a Children’s Day Special, with several articles related to kids’ health, developing good eating habits and encouraging physical activity, among others. We also have a special Children’s Day recipe full of oodles of yum, so you can dig in with your little ones without any guilt!

And we have our focus on fitness intact with our regular flow of articles – check out the new Elite feature on muscle training frequency, truths about soybeans, and new insights into some common health concerns – so you can continue to stay focused and lead a healthy, tension-free life.
“The child is the father of man.” Truly, in our children, we re-learn and relive our lives twice over. Join us in November as we celebrate the sheer energy and unalloyed joys of childhood. Cherish the child within you, as you frolic with the little ones around you!

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Dev Biswas

Editor-in-Chief, FITMAG