FITMAG – October 2016

Have you ever seen magic? Real magic?

Well, magic happens in harmony, in the perfect sync. Magic happens when the three elements of your existence come together. Magic happens when your Body, Mind, and Soul resonate together, when they “Connect”. That’s what this issue of FitMag is all about.

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Welcome to the October issue of FitMag where we delve deeper into understanding the meaning of life, in its epitome of perfection, while we try to unearth the reasons of what makes it perfect.
We bring you concepts of the Seven Chakras of the human body, we talk about Ayurveda, we talk about depression and stress and the way out, and a host of other interesting topics.
And the main feature is of course, SQUATS Connect 2015. We bring the event, right on your computer screen.

Also allow me to welcome our newest addition to our FitMag family, Dr. Brad Dieter, who shares the same motto as us to spread knowledge and make the world a healthier place.

Thanks to the entire FitMag team for all their hard work in bringing this issue to you and thank you readers, for always supporting us and giving us your valuable feedback to make your FitMag better with each issue.

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Cheers! Stay Healthy!