FITMAG – September 2016

September bring autumn, and this issue of FitMag celebrates the symbolic Autumn by celebrating  God’s most beautiful yet strongest creation,Women, without whom creation itself wouldn’t be possible . I welcome you all to the Women’s special issue of FitMag.

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Lets celebrate, salute and be proud about Womanhood.

In this issue,  we celebrate the recent achievements of our athletes in the Rio Olympics, we cover several topics related to women, not just with regards to fitness but also their overall health. And its a real pleasure to tell you that this time we are featuring WBFF World Champion Cristina Silva as our cover model. We have tried  to make this issue one of our best work so far. I invite you to take every knowledge  possible from plethora of amazing content in this issue.

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The last but certainly the most important message I have for you is a heartfelt note of thanks to everyone who have contributed to take this magazine where it stands today. And the same goes out to you, out valued readers for taking the time out to read the magazine, giving us feedback and advising us on how we can improve even more.

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Health is probably the most important thing in existence, probably that’s the reason why we always say, Take Care!