FITMAG September 2018 – The Yoga & Ayurveda Issue

The September 2018 Issue of FITMAG is here! Loaded with expert articles on Yoga & Ayurveda, this issue is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand their body-mind connection and explore Ancient Indian therapies for health and well-being.

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Letter from the Editor:

It has been long observed that our ancient civilization had discovered a lot of things and actually used that wisdom to humankind’s benefit.

Ancient Indian sciences had been path-breaking. Be it the Sushruta Samhita, the oldest source of medical and surgical knowledge known to mankind or the invention of Zero and Pi, Ancient India had always been a pioneer. Atharva Veda
talked about the health, medical and disease sciences as early as 1500-1000 BCE Charaka Samhita, the world’s oldest living evidence of exercise therapy literature, prescribed exercises to cure and minimize consequences for different types of diseases, and lifestyle diseases and boasted about more than 120 shlokas on exercise science. The concept of physical fitness is truly an ancient one embedded in all our ancient texts where the fitness involved not just the body, but the mind and soul too. Not to forget Yoga, which is globally recognized as the most valuable contribution of India to the world.

Patanjali, author of the classic yoga text, the Yoga Sutra, defined yoga as the quieting of the mind and not just a text, which describes thousands of poses and asanas.

Ayurveda and yoga are two of the most important branches of ancient science that have been proven to benefit our health time and again. I would further go on to say that an amalgamation of these ancient sciences with modern findings would be the perfect course to take to maximize our health benefits.

So here we are, FITMAG team brings an issue entirely on these ancient sciences that have circled the entire world and come back to us.

This issue probably has some of the best articles on Ayurveda and Yoga on the internet today, written by experts in the respective fields. Do go through them and use them to your benefit and share it with at least 3 people around you.

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Dev Biswas