Fitness – Game of Thrones way!

Spoiler alert!

Jon Snow is all set to ride to Dragonstone to meet the Khaleesi and barter Dragonglass for some war-help.
And we at Fitmag can’t stop wondering how fit you have to be to ride those horses for days and nights.
Good for Jon though, he has some white walkers to kill! And that will surely need some fitness along with some Valerian Steel and Dragonglass.
We say, Jon Snow, You know nothing, but you might if you start following Fitmag!

This is a fun post, alright.


Neutralize some cortisol, fit folks!

1.Hodor Hodor Hodor!

Fitness is indeed an addiction once you get into it. It seems to be the only topic to talk about for you. But for some of your friends who aren’t really into fitness, it might sound something like this!



2. About Cheat meals

“Cravings”, oh yes, everyone gets those. But the next time you crave enough to go off your diet and sabotage your progress, remember Syrio Forel!



(Oh, talking about cheat meals, here’s an article you may like in case you’re craving since some time!)


3. My favourite character in all 7 seasons (and perhaps everyone else’s)

If you work out, drink whey protein and follow Fitmag, you can proudly call yourself Tyrion Lannister from now on!


(You’d like to Try this recipe made from whey protein. It’s called Whey Choco Tower! )


4. You know nothing, Jon Snow!

We’re contacting the King of the North soon. We think we may be able to help him!




Often when we hear about all the heavy fitness jargons and science around nutrition, exercise science, research journals, and all those unpronounceable scientific words, we get intimidated! 🙁
(Fitmag solves that problem though, giving you real knowledge in a manner that even a child can understand. Go Enjoy!)


5. Talking about Bulking, We have a better successor to Hulk!

And now they have joined the Army of the Dead! Do you think Westeros stands a chance against the whites after this?




Here’s some tip to the skinny fellows with a little tummy to want to bulk up (OR lose fat?) !

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Concept: Dev Biswas
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Dev Biswas

Dev Biswas

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