FPL 2019 Auction 2.0 : The bidding synopsis.

Fitness Premier League 2019- An INFS initiative for lifting, circuit, and calisthenics based sports event, conducted the much anticipated second auction on January 27, 2019, for the INFS group members.

After the auction for the consultants, the captains did a lot of background research about the potential candidates to form the rest of their teams. This auction was quite edgy and interesting as the captains had to pick from different individuals who are not in much limelight but can make many known fitness enthusiasts gape in awe with their lifting abilities and skills.

Teams like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad were left with a reasonable amount of points and they had the liberty of bidding high for the players they wanted. Whereas teams like Kolkata, Raipur, and Banglore had to make wise and economic choices. By the end of the auction, it can be said safely, that every team almost got what they wanted and that makes this competition really exciting as each team looks like a potential winner.

A total of 56 INFS members were sold among 8 teams and team owners spent 54,880 points in total during the event.

Here’s a look at how each team fared at this auction.

Delt-A- Force (Delhi):

Delhi had finished with their quota of 5 mandatory female lifters but they still went for ‘Dreema Tahillani’ and that’s a good move. It adds so much strength to their female lifting squad. Also, it provides a much-needed cushion in case one of the female lifters get injured. The captain ‘Akshay Kumar’ also added ‘Satish Pattan’ to the squad and his name needs no introduction as he is a master in Calisthenics. ‘Adarsh Handa’ is a young promising lifter and his lifting statistics speak volumes of his talent. Rest of the team comprises of ‘Balwant’, ‘Yash Tekriwal’ and ‘Siddhanth Kulkarni’ who are decent lifters and they are good with the volume training as well.

Overall, team Delhi looks real solid and we hope to see some kick-ass performances in every department.

Nawabi-Wolves (Hyderabad):

Hyderabad continued their good run in this auction as well. Led by ‘Matin Sheikh’, Hyderabad had to pick 4 female players in this auction. They went for the likes of ‘Deepti Pore’ and ‘Ananya Shankar’ who have really good lifting capacity. ‘Pinky’ and ‘Jhalak Suhane’ are two other female contestants. Their strong points are yet to be seen but based on their current lifting and skill statistics, it could be said that they ably support the team. Hyderabad’s best male buy in this auction was ‘Bobby Singh’ who is a pretty good lifter. They got him for just 700 points.

Overall, the team is quite balanced, as they have picked up the key players in both the auctions. This pack of Nawabi wolves should kill it bigtime in the competition. Well, we expect nothing less. 

Banglore Hustlers:

Captained by ‘Anupam Adarsh Mishra’, Bangalore picked up real good deals like ‘Shashank Lalwani’ and ‘Aditya Sehgal’. Both of them are outstanding with their lifts as well as volume training abilities. For tasks related to skills and calisthenics, they got ‘Suraj Kurund’ and it is going to be a huge advantage.For female lifters, they picked up ‘Sylvia’, ‘Deeprekha’ and ‘Nidhi Choudhury’ who can raise the level of challenge among female contestants.

It is not so hard to root for a team that has a line-up of star performers. Banglore is that team and they have to live up to this reputation. We hope they deliver their best.

Puneri Titans:

Pune was left with 7350 points after the last auction. ‘Dr. Aniketh Jadhav’, their captain, got amazing picks in this auction. Among female contestants, Pune got ‘Namrata Rai’ who is a star lifter. ‘Zainab Lokhandwala’ might play the second lead for female lifting challenges. ‘Prajakta Jawalkar’ is going to be great for yoga, skill and circuit challenges. Among the males, Pune got a great lifter in ‘Tejas Lalwani’. ‘Prem Kumar’ is also a decent buy if we go by the statistics. ‘Sameer Mahaske’ could be a game changer as far as challenges for skills are considered.

The best part of this team is that it is under the guidance of ‘Aniketh Jadhav’ and he can really help this team to perform at its peak with his immense knowledge about training. On top of it, he himself is a great lifter and performer. The team is in amazing hands and is undoubtedly one of the favorites this year.

Chennai Pandas:

Chennai started this auction with 8800 points left in its kitty which was highest among all the teams. No surprises, it managed to get the best buys in this auction. Team’s captain ‘Bala Krishna Reddy’ researched thoroughly about each of the potential candidates he was eying. Chennai got ‘Kishore S. Shivaji’ who is a national deadlift champion for his weight category. It also got  ‘Koleshwar Mahto’ who can squat with 190 kilos and is great with volume training and skills. ‘ Sagar Gaikwad’ is also a star lifter and packs quite a punch even in the skills sector. Among females, ‘Bhumika Sori’ is one of the best when it comes to lifts and probably the only one who can do ‘muscle-ups’. ‘Robinson’, ‘Raj Kalal’ and ‘Shweta Khaulja’ will be teaming up for all-round skill challenges.

As of now, the decision to save up points for the second auction seems fairly justified because Chennai made the most of it. Hands down, it looks like the strongest team on paper right now. Let’s hope they make the most out of this competition.

Mumbai Thunders:

Mumbai had 8600 points left and it utilized it really well.

As the captain of the Mumbai team, ‘Aniketh Shetty’ made great choices in this auction. For lifters, they prioritized ‘Azim Ibrahim’ who is an amazing lifter and it proved to be a good call. ‘Arshad’ was picked for his volume training abilities.  ‘Priya Menon’ strengthens the female lifting squad by a huge margin. ‘Rashmi Agarwal’ can prove to be good with volume and circuits. ‘Ramya Unnikrishnan’ is picked for circuit challenges. For holds, ‘Shruti Awati’ and ‘Prateek Mewad’ are chosen. Mumbai played it smart just like Chennai by saving up points for this auction. This shaped up the team really well and enabled it to pick up the right candidates for every department.

Contender for the  ‘Top 4’? Can’t rule that out for sure.

Kolkata Rebels:

Kolkata had to pick 3 female contestants in this auction. Well, it did buy one of the best female lifters- ‘Binaya Mohanty’. ‘Dolan Acharya’ and ‘Shikha Singh’  are two other female lifters who were picked. Kolkata was left with 5000 points after the first auction and it seemed that the team might find it difficult to pick up the desired contestants. But in the end, it managed to pick up players who can really change the game on their own. Players like ‘Sandeep Rawat’, ‘Jeetu Valmiki’ and ‘Himanshu Sachdeva’ can prove to be decent contributors. Led by ‘Dipankar Mazumdar’, the team has the best names as far as lifting and volume training is concerned.

Overall, the team is good and we look forward to the fair share of competence from this side.

Raipur Hybrid:

Raipur had 4850 points left from the first auction and thus, the choices were limited. Though captain ‘Vijay Tambi’ picked the most sought after lifter from the INFS group – ’Neil Lapalikar’. He has won several powerlifting competitions. This choice gives this team a much-needed upper hand. For volume challenges, ‘Omkar Gutte’ and ‘Divyam Kumar’ can be really useful choices. Among females, ‘Sukhmeet Bhatia’ and ‘Swati Hiwarekar’ were picked. One of the best deals they got was ‘Sumit Soni’ who is amazing with the circuit challenges.

If we look at the overall composition of the team, Raipur could prove to be the dark horse in this competition. It is balanced, and the players do have the potential to perform. It would be interesting to see this team creating some major upsets. Other teams might want to watch out for this one!

This second auction was crucial for all the teams because they were depending on it to make up for the lost choices in the first one. Strangely, every team can look back and be satisfied with what they have got. In this regard, this auction proved to be a great leveler. Every team is fairly equipped. As we know, all could be said and speculated yet the performance on a particular day will be the ultimate decider. But if we look at the list of the playing 15 of every team, it would become quite difficult to gauge which one is the best.

Well, that’s what makes this competition exciting. That’s something we all were rooting for because nothing could be a better sight than a fierce competition between equally strong teams.

Game on amigos!

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