FPL 2019 Auction: The bidding synopsis.

Fitness Premier League-2019, which is an INFS initiative for lifting, circuit, and calisthenics based sports event, started with a fun auction on January 12, 2019.

A total of 56 Consultants were sold among 8 teams in the ‘FPL’ on 12th January in Pune. Team owners spent 65,150 points in total during the event.

It was a very interesting auction, considering the fact that most of the teams managed to come out with balanced units but a few of them have made emotional choices over logical ones. Teams like Bangalore and Kolkata relied majorly on star lifters. Along with the Hyderabad’s team, Pune’s team seems to be the most compact unit this season.

Here’s a look at how each team fared at the event.

Delt-A- Force (Delhi):

Delhi’s team is being led by ‘Akshay Kumar’ and it has made wise choices when it came to choosing lifters. This team picked the stalwarts like ‘Akshita Arora’ and ‘ Lalitha Lakshman’ for 2650 points and 1500 points respectively. Because of these two, the female lifting squad seems quite sorted. ‘Alka Rao’ could prove to be the ace in the hole when it comes to challenges like planks and holds. Delhi is still left with 8300 points and that gives them huge flexibility when it comes to choosing members from the INFS group. Till now the team looks really solid on papers. Let’s see how it goes with the second auction.

Nawabi-Wolves (Hyderabad):

Hyderabad had one of their best times at the auction this year. They didn’t go over the top when it came to spending for particular players. Their most expensive player was worth 2400 points and that happens to be ‘Nachiketh Shetty’ who has run many marathons and could be great at circuit challenges. They have acquired ‘Rahul Kumbhare’ who is a well-known face in calisthenics and that is a huge advantage in itself. They will rely heavily on their captain ‘Matin Sheikh’ for lifting challenges. ‘Amogh Gadewar’ could play the second lead in lifting challenges and ‘ Nazid Siddiqui’ could prove to be useful in plank-hold challenges. Point is, the Hyderabad team has got suitable candidates for each of the challenges. That makes this team the most balanced one as far as the team of consultants is concerned. With 6600 points left, the team must be looking forward to some good deals in the next auction.

Banglore Hustlers (Banglore):

Led by one of the most aesthetic consultants ever ‘Anupam Adarsh Mishra’, Banglore has made the most expensive buy in this auction. They got ‘Jigyasa Gupta’ for a whopping 4100 points. Although the price might seem outrageous, Jigyasa’s potential justifies it completely. She is good with lifts, yoga, and circuits as well. The team will rely heavily on Anupam’s performance and he will have to lead from the front. Players like ‘Navdeep Chawla’ and ‘Vinodh’ add much-needed muscle to this group. Left with 5650 points, the team has got limited choices in the upcoming auction for INFS group members.  

Puneri Titans (Pune):

One of the strongest lifters amongst the consultants, Dr. Aniket Jadhav is leading this team. Just like Hyderabad, this team scalped some really wise choices. The captain will certainly look forward to participating in most of the lifting challenges. Their most economical buy was ‘Mukund Dawra’ who is an amazing powerlifter. The line-up gets stronger due to the allrounder ‘ Aditya Tiwari’ which was the most expensive buy worth 2800 points. ‘Ruchika’ is all for skill challenges whereas ‘Anshul’ and ‘Himanshu’ add strength to the lifting squad. They still have 7350 points left and that provides them a much-needed edge for the INFS group members auction.

Chennai Pandas (Chennai):

With Bala Krishna Reddy as their captain, Chennai seems one of the strong contenders for this year’s FPL. The lifting squad is well backed with the likes of ‘Mishleen Khera’, ‘Shobhit Menon’, and ‘Akash Bansal’.

Female members include ‘Payal Nandy’ and ‘Amrita Bhatia’. The consultant squad here might not seem strong in every department but the team is left with 8800 points which is the highest amongst all the teams. This means that the team won’t shy away from adding a strong contender from INFS group members auction, regardless of the cost.

Mumbai Thunders (Mumbai):

Mumbai’s captain is ‘Aniketh Shetty’ and this team might have made the most unique moves in this auction. Lifting responsibilities are mainly on Shrey Khanna’s Shoulders. Apart from that, ‘Trina Roy’ and ‘Hitesh Vaishnav’ have to play a vital role for the team. The team is relying on the second auction as they believe they can have much better contenders from the INFS members group. The strategy is good as long as it goes as per their expectations. The team is left with 8600 points which are second to Chennai’s savings.

Kolkata Rebels (Kolkata):

As the captain of Kolkata’s team,Dipankar Mazumdar’ made sure that he gets the best lifter in town, that is ‘Dara Singh Handa’. It cost him 3900 points but nobody is going to bat an eyelid over the worth of this buy. The star-studded line up includes ‘Sachin’, ‘Nikhil Janrao’ and ‘Anmol Sachdeva’. It could be safely said that this team is the ‘Real Madrid’ of this FPL season.

But the weak side of the story is that the team is now left with only 5000 points. For INFS members auction they are going to need a lot of luck and a string of bad choices from other teams to acquire a balanced side. Fingers crossed! 

Raipur Hybrid (Raipur):

Raipur Hybrid is captained by ‘Vijay Tambi’ who is one of the best consultants out there. Though the bidding choices began with good candidates with reasonable prices and that included ‘Tabish Naseem’, ‘Happy Singh’, and ‘Abhinav Kumar’, It went a bit haywire when the team went for ‘Manvit Kohli’ for the price of 3500 points. The potential of the player is not in question here but the team is left with only 4850 points which are not going to be enough for INFS group members auction. The female squad is backed well with the likes of ‘Geetika Dhuper’ and ‘Ismat Khoja’. Overall, the team is good and worthy and they need a decent amount of luck to find suitable players in the second auction.

Overall, some of the teams made rational choices while some went along with their emotional instinct. Although numerous speculations can be made, they won’t matter as it all boils down to the performance on a particular day and in a specific challenge. The biggest concern that all teams might have is the injury factor and everyone would try to make sure that the key players are well kept.

We hope that this fitness league is as much fun as this starting auction has been. Godspeed!

P.S: The second auction for the captains to complete their 15member squad from INFS Group members is on 27th Jan (Sunday).

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