From Super Skinny-Fat to Smashing Gains – Read how he built his muscles better than 4000 others in TC 3.0!

Muscle Gains in Student Life on a Shoestring Budget – the inspiring story of Abhishek Tiwari, Winner of TC 3.0!

When all the world wants to lose oodles, there are those too who struggle to gain weight. In December 2016, Abhishek Tiwari saw himself falling hopelessly in that category. But just look at him now, and we won’t blame you if your jaws have dropped. And yes, it is magic – magic that goes by the name of Hard Work and Motivation.

In December 2016, he was a skinny fat ectomorph at 62 kgs. Trying to gain muscles with the help of bro science only gained him a rather embarrassing tummy. But like in all stories, when we seek for help, help does arrive. For Abhishek, it was a friendly hand from a friend, Shivendra Shahi, who introduced him to the Facebook group S.Q.U.A.T.S. With his friend’s help, he started learning and understanding some of the basic principles of quantified eating and targeted exercise. Then the pinned post, and finally, he made his own diet chart. That, is the way to begin – just make a start!

Abhishek’s enthusiasm brought him to TC 3.0 and he signed up to see how far he could push himself to go. Talking about his impetus, he says:

“I started because I didn’t want to look like an average guy. I wanted to change myself.

Change begins with wanting it


TC 3.0 was a game changer for Abhishek, who discovered exactly how much potential he could bring to the table. With his sustained and SOLO efforts, he planned and delivered a transformation that left even Jitendra Chouksey (the founder of S.Q.U.A.T.S., known better as ‘JC’) speechless. Declaring him undisputed winner of TC 3.0, JC wrote:

“You came in as an underdog and without any support, you displayed exceptional grit. Losing fat is easy, gaining muscles in such a short span of time is not.”

And his hard work would have greater rewards than just what TC 3.0 offered – Abhishek got an offer to be trained further by JC himself!

The rest is a history that will never be forgotten. Abhishek was trained by JC and Mukund Dawra and his journey is still on, his focus aligned to long term goals.

Dieting on a budget

Fun facts – Abhishek pulled off his magical transformation on a shoestring budget. He was a student when he did it, living a frugal life that didn’t leave room in his wallet for protein shakes and supplements. So he did what is much better than all those – he stuck to whole, nutritious foods and smartly derived all his needs from the humble chicken, soya, milk, eggs, and rice. Shows that that’s all you need. Fitness isn’t a fancy affair at all. All it needs is focus.

Working out on a Time Table

Again, being a student meant working out in the wee hours of night, sometimes with an exam scheduled the next day. How many of us would just stick their noses into their books or slumber under their blankets faced with such situations? Raise your hands.

For Abhishek, the gaps in his study time table were meant not for sleep, but for training his body. During the course of his transformation, he did HIVT initially, followed by HVT with a 2-muscle groups-a-day split. Even on days he didn’t feel up to it, or when results were not encouraging, he stuck to his workout routine and put in his sets and reps without fail.

The Secret behind his Success?

In Abhishek’s own words –

Motivation is something that comes from inside. After you start getting results, it becomes an addiction. And if you are not getting results, it forces you to do even more hard work.”

We are in a rat race that focuses on results. The ‘proof of the pudding’ formula. But what if results don’t show so easy? Is that reason to give up on the dreams and stop making efforts? Abhishek’s transformation is a lesson for all those who wake up every morning and get disappointed by what they see in the mirror, or on the weighing scales… it is a lesson that says, “DO NOT GIVE UP, DO NOT STOP BELIEVING. RESULTS WILL ARRIVE.”

Dreaming on


And even now, he maintains that his journey is far from over. Abhishek dreams of being a fitness physique athlete, and has more gains in mind. And armed with his undying motivation and focus, he is a strong contender for victory.


Fitmag wishes Abhishek all the very best… We will surely hear of Abhishek in the years to come!


– The Fitmag Team