FRONT SQUATS: Do less and get more!


In this day and age, we all come to a point where we need to do some smart work, whether it’s completing the task given by your boss at workplace by deadline or buying vegetables and food items while coming back home .We all try saving our time here and there.

Now , when it comes to body building and fitness ,perhaps training, smart work would be to learn the right exercises and techniques to perform them without getting injured and staying fit and healthy through out and be able to live a better life . Taking it further, when it comes to our own body, almost entire load is balanced onto the two legs, probably the reason why every other trainer or gym guy would suggest you to –

Never skip legs!! You would never buy an Audi with tyres of Maruti 800, right? 

Point is to regularly train legs, and keep them fit and healthy. So, when it comes to this fact, Squats is a big weapon that we have in our arsenal. One of the old school exercises to train your complete legs (actually entire lower body) -the quads ,the hams , the glutes, lower back and abs along with calf muscles to some extent.  So, when it comes to smart work , Front Squats is that one exercise which always comes to picture .


Well, enough of free ka gyan, lets straight away come to the point and check some of the advantages of Front Squats

    • Huge quad development -The positioning of the barbell in front part of the shoulders (anterior placement) allows deeper knee flexion from greater depth while squatting down; and a greater knee extension while coming up due to a more upright posture helps in huge quad development.
    • Improve core strength – Anterior bar placement keeps the torso vertical , preventing the hips from going into excessive tilt and requiring greater oblique and rectus abdominals involvement to prevent flexion.(an added help in getting those abs muscles stronger).
    • Front Squats can aid your deadlifts The placement of the barbell in front squats requires the elbows to be up ,in response the traps , the scapula and the lats work in conjunction to hold that position and prevent you from leaning forward. Being able to maintain a stable spine will aid your dead lifts too.
    • Total body strength gains and increased muscle mass – Regardless of your goal, improved strength will increase your success .Building strong quads, a strong resilient anterior glutes and explosive hip extension will improve all other training qualities in gym.
    • Decreased lumbar and knee stress– Anterior knee placement forces lifters to attain an upright posture, decreasing shear stress on the spine and lower compressive forces at the knee, without compromising muscle activity in the quads or hamstrings .If u have a history of meniscal injuries and your knees sound like firecrackers, front squats are a great option due to lighter loads compared to back squats.


So, with all these kick ass benefits, it’s a no brainer that front squats deserve your attention.


~Shanu Shashank


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(There are different techniques for front squatting, refer below links for form and technique)