Green Tea Myths Busted!!!

“Drink Green Tea, you will automatically lose weight without doing anything else!”

How often have you come across this blanket statement that instantly puts Green Tea on a pedestal in the ‘Fat Loss Hall of Fame?’ How often have you held a cup of this green brew in your hand and felt like you were holding a magic potion that would trickle down your throat and start zapping all your fat stores? How many of you have actually shifted loyalties from your old milk-and-sugar concoctions of Masala Chai and Filter Coffee, to finally welcome green tea in your lives, with its promises of weight loss?

And finally, how many of you have been drinking green tea for months on end, believing in its magic, but are yet to notice any movement in your weighing scales? If you belong to either of these groups, it is high time you opened your eyes to the claims made by green tea promoters, and understand what it doesn’t do! Read on to see how the fat-burning myth of Green Tea has been debunked.

Tea cup with fresh mint leaves, closeup photo


Myth:  Drink lots of Green Tea to magically banish that stubborn fat!

Shocker:  Green Tea, in itself, is not a ‘fat burner!’

We cannot discount that Green tea has its health benefits, like immunity boosting antioxidants, and heart healthy nutrients, but then, so does broccoli! So what is the hoopla all about? Let’s quash the misconceptions regarding this ‘magic drink’ with some science now:


Claim #1: “Green tea increases Thermogenesis (production of heat in the body), and therefore leads to fat loss.”

Debunked:  The supporters of green tea swear by its ability to increase heat production (thermogenesis) in the body, which the body achieves by burning fat. While that is true, the point to note is that the increase is so negligible that it will take about a year for an average drinker drinking 1 cup of green tea a day, to lose 1 kilo of body fat! That is assuming you do not make any other radical dietary changes.

In the corporate grind, with all the random eating and partying, isn’t it rather impractical to just sip a cuppa a day and hope for a miracle?

Claim #2: “Green tea detoxifies blood.”

Debunked:  The greatest detox that you can give your body is hydration. Water! Yes, there is nothing that compares to the detoxifying effects of water on the human body. Green tea doesn’t even come close.

Claim #3: “Releases fat from fat cells.”

Debunked:  Fat cells are bull-headed. They won’t give up their stores unless the body really needs that energy to carry on the day-to-day functions. To make the fat cells release the stored fat, the only option is to cause a calorie-deficit. That is, eat lesser calories than the body needs, so that the fats are mobilized to make up for the deficit. So with or without green tea, unless you eat less than you ate before, your fat deposits are here to stay!

Claim #4: “Green tea helps in Fat Loss.”

Debunked:   That is the most generalized claim made for Green Tea.  From the above points, any logical person will understand that fat loss isn’t achieved by a wave of the wand. And certainly not by green tea alone.

Hence, our  wisdom in a capsule: Green tea is a fine beverage. Enjoy it as just that. Replacing your latte or cutting chai with Green Tea is certainly a great way of avoiding those extra calories. But on its own, Green tea does not burn fat. To burn fat, focus on your nutrition and exercise those muscles. Remember, there are no shortcuts to good health. And certainly not in a cup of Green Tea!


Article Credits – Nachiketh Shetty and Bhavani Rajesh