Gym etiquettes

Rules are made to be followed

Every gym has a set of rules of its own. Do check with the management if it is ok to use chalk while practicing the Olympic lifts. It can get really messy once you open the bag of chalk. Same goes for the footwear as well. Different gyms have different rules when it comes to footwear. Some will restrict you from working out barefooted (for safety reasons) while some would ask you to get a different pair of shoes for training.


Towels before dumbbells

There are 3 kinds of people –
1. One who leaves the equipment drowned in their sweat
2. One who wipes the equipment and still leaves back trails of sweat
3. One who uses a good towel and leaves the equipment clean.

Don’t be the top 2 guys! Use a good towel to wipe it after you’re done! You wouldn’t want to lay on a soaked bench, would you? It is never acceptable to leave a pond of your hard earned sweat all over the equipment you use. Make sure your towel absorbs well. A good towel to look into would be the TEGOfit towel which is scientifically tailored with proven antimicrobial technology to wipe away the threat of germs, and built to absorb sweat better. Also, make sure the towel is clean and odourless as well. This applies to your workout clothes as well. It is not unheard of people who wear the same clothes for days at stretch.  Air pollution is not something gyms are made for.


Behave yourself

You might have a bunch of buddies to workout with, but when it is time to hustle, make sure that that’s all you do. I often see guys trying to make each other laugh in the middle of a set. While it might look and be a little funny to you, it can be a little dangerous to everyone around you as well. If a guy just bursts out laughing in the middle of a dumbbell press, there’s a good chance he’s going to lose control of the weight he’s lifting and end up throwing away the dumbbells midway through the set. That can end up pretty badly if someone is standing close by and the dumbbells just bounce off the floor on to his foot. Also, at the end of the last rep, it is not God’s rule to smash the weights against the ground. You can calmly set down the weights and still look like a macho.


The wiser ye get, the lesser ye shall speak

It can become quite tempting, after having spent quite some time in the gym life, to correct everyone around you, spread the knowledge and doing God’s work in the gym. However, few people appreciate being interrupted in the middle of their work out, and be told how to do whatever they are doing even when nobody asked for it. Do not give unsolicited advice unless someone is engaging in a dangerous activity (where someone might get injured). Ironically, talking about fitness can be another mood-killer in the gym.

“Bro, if all you’re doing is just spreading the knowledge, then when are you even gonna lift?”



Be aware of your surroundings. When you pick a dumbbell off of the rack, walk a short distance away from the rack and then start your set. It can be annoying when someone stands right in front of the rack and starts the set, preventing everyone from using the weights on the rack in front of you. Also, make sure that you do not block the mirror when someone is looking into it and exercising. And finally, respect the authority. You might know a thing or two that the gym trainer does not know about, but that does not give you the right to make fun of him or take him for granted. He is there for a reason; you might as well learn a few things from him.


Author credits – Nachiketh Shetty

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