He Lost 20 kgs, Won a battle against Diabetes, and made it to TC 4.0 Top 100! See it to believe it…

From Avid Sportsman to a Demotivated Diabetic 

As a student, Vijay Yerrapatruni was an active and fit guy, in love with sports. Sports made Vijay happy. It gave him a high that nothing else could. So, when a couple of injuries knocked him down and he could no longer pursue sports with the same passion as before, it was a big blow to his happiness. Like most of the ‘emotional eaters,’ he turned to food for solace… The kilos kept piling, the waist belt ran out of notches, and the clothes sizes went from L to XL and then XXXL.

Depression and food became his best friends. But how long can one be an ostrich with his head in the sand?

Reality strikes – Diabetes

Unable to turn a blind eye to the ever-increasing weight, Vijay tried all possible fad diets, did cardio for hours on end, and tried pretty much everything that gym trainers told him. But all in vain.

As his luck ran out, Vijay was diagnosed with Type II diabetes mellitus. The medications didn’t show the desired results due to his obesity. The doctor prescribed weight loss besides his usual medications. Losing weight now became the utmost priority for Vijay.

It’s Never Too Late to Change

An overheard conversation between his friends showed Vijay the road to S.Q.U.A.T.S.. He promptly joined the FB group and read countless transformation stories that rekindled his hope. But, it was very intimidating to begin with. He wasn’t sure if he would be motivated enough to go through the whole thing. But he quelled those doubts and took the plunge anyway.


Getting Shredded with ‘Get Shredded’

And the teacher did arrive in the form of ‘Get Shredded’ document. Vijay read it several times till he could fully understand and apply it. As Vijay quotes, referring to the movie Kung Fu Panda – “I became Po who understood what the dragon scroll was all about.”

24 weeks passed in a jiffy and the scale reflected a weight loss of 27 kgs! The journey began at 107 kg and was now at 80 kgs. That wasn’t all. The shirt size had shrunk from XXXL to L. But the biggest miracle was that Vijay’s diabetes had vanished into thin air – gone for good!

The Yoga Way

Vijay’s injuries had  In his 24 months of transformation, he used YOGA as his weapon, staying away from the gym!  ’Inhale the future, exhale the past’ is what he practiced.

Slowly but surely, he could navigate around his old injuries of shoulder dislocation and slipped knee and build a workout programme that helped him regain his strength without putting the injured parts at risk.


The transformation from ‘retired hurt’ to be ‘one of the top 100 contestants in TC 4’ is the sum total of Vijay’s journey of grit and determination!


And Now…

Vijay is now strong enough to add a disciplined 5-days-a-week gym in addition to his yoga routine, and is on maintenance diet keeping his protein intake under check.

We wish him all the success in his journey ahead! Keep Grinding!


– The Fitmag Team