Here’s a story of how friendship with the mirror helped her lose 20 kilos!

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…” – the transformation story of Shipra Mathur

Most people at the beginning of the journeys hate their mirrors unequivocally. For Shipra Mathur, her reflection in the mirror was her bestie. She was a selfie lover, she loved dressing up, shopping for clothes, and she loved the social life. But like many women, marriage made her lose focus and slacken. And as all these stories go, the journey of motherhood behind her, she found herself looking at a 93-kg reflection in the mirror.


Shopping aisles move from L to XXL, and in some places, options ran out.


Shopping assistants made catcalls. Friend and relatives made snide remarks about the ‘weight.’ Body shaming became a real fear when she went out.


Her selfie love turned to hate. She couldn’t bear to get her pictures clicked. No matter where she turned, every mirror showed her the same picture…until she had to sit up and take notice finally. Listen to the mirror’s truth.

Watching her self-image slide from bad to worse, there came a point Shipra had to get up and say “That’s it, I’m done with this image, I need to change it.” Post her delivery, when her baby was 3 months old, she took up cudgels against the kilos that had piled, and in the course of a year with just her dogged determination, she lost nearly 10 kgs. But that wasn’t going to be enough for this spunky girl!


She joined S.Q.U.A.T.S. in May 2017 and enrolled under a mentor. Now armed with quantified nutrition science and a guiding angel to help her, her motivation was renewed. She fought back her demons – her disinclination, her lethargy, the body shamers, her unabashed love for chocolate, and even her hypertension and fatty liver – and soon enough, she was well on the path to transformation! In her own words,

“If you really want to achieve something in life, then it’s not a big deal or a hurdle at all…”


When life pulls you back…you pull it back!

 Several things can pull you back, stop you from dreaming or believing it is possible. Even family and friends. Shipra faced discouragement from many such ends, but every disparaging, negative remark only made her more stubborn about sticking to her ‘fitness journey’. And this same stubbornness brought her to TC 4.0, where she stood proud as part of the Top 100. The same stubbornness gained her back the respect from friends and relatives, gained her the ‘wow’s that rekindled her self-confidence.

The same stubbornness to get back her old reflection, actually got it back. Today, Shipra is at 63 kgs, having lost nearly 20 kgs during her transformation journey that started in May 2017!


Her Recipe for Success

Her transformation formula was very simple. A calculated Low Carb diet, and HIVT training 6 days a week. A SMART approach – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound – was her weapon. “Focusing only on outcomes can lead to disappointment and decrease motivation,” says Shipra. So Work Hard. Nothing beats the high of hard work!


We at Fitmag congratulate Shipra Mathur for her awesome transformation. Your story alone vindicates ‘selfie-addiction!’ Keep grinding and continue to make that mirror proud!


– The Fitmag Team