We experience ridiculous hunger when we go on a calorie restricted diet. It’s because we are providing the body with fewer calories than we need for the daily work and hence the body tries to get those calories from food instead of fat tissues by sending hunger signals to our brain.

The obese individuals and very lean individuals are the most hungry people. Coming to the point, the obese develop resistance to satiety hormones and the shredded ones are in an unhealthy range of body fat which is not good for hormonal functions, so the body tries to attain that healthy range of body fat.

Now, coming back to “how to deal with hunger” and manage it easily, I would like to put across some tips which would help you in the endeavor.

1. Eat fiber rich food – There are foods like whole grains and veggies that help a lot as they have have fibers and fibers are one of the most satiating nutrients. They also help in passing the stool .

2.Eat lots of veggies – Vegetables are such a powerful weapon to have in the arsenal, that I had to set a separate time of the day just for them. If you’re on a low-carb diet,veggies are the thing you should consume in good amounts. They are not very calorie dense and yet have a satiating effect. While eating tons of vegetables,you might add 100kcals in your diet through them, but that’s fine as long as it helps you prevent hunger. Have a gap between two meals? Eat that veggie smoothie in between or have that quick bowl of lightly stir-fried mixed vegetables with the help of non-stick zero-calorie spray and you’re sorted.

3. Eat protein rich diet – Just like fiber, proteins are also a group of nutrients that make you fill you up with ease. It also helps in preserving muscle mass when eating in a caloric deficit. Make sure you have 35% of your diet made up of proteins in order to reap the benefits.

4. Drink loads of Water – Yes, water the life-giver! This is obviously one of the biggest help during the times of hunger. Drink 5-6 liters of water in a day. Keep sipping when you feel hungry. Sometimes you also tend to confuse thirst with hunger on waking up or may be some other time during the day.

5. Intermittent fasting – This is also one of the tools you can use in order to conserve food and eat peacefully in the later part of the day. We are habituated to having breakfast and lunch, so hunger will be at its peak during those hours. Drink water, drink lemonade or jal jeera so that it really helps in tricking the brain.

6. Choose solid foods – Go for whole foods over liquid ones. The solid foods have a more satiating effect.

7. Drink coffee – This is one beverage that has really proven to suppress appetite. Also it helps in stimulating the brain. Having black coffee on waking up thus helps in getting out of the sleep mode quickly and in dealing with the hunger pangs. Win-win!

8. Sleep well, reduce stress – Sleep deprived and stressed out people get ridiculously hungry during the day. Studies show that inadequate sleep can increase hunger and appetite by up to 24%. Find ways to improve the sleep quality and manage stress.

9. Diet Sodas – You could drink beverages like diet coke and other zero-calorie sodas, because drinking lots of water sometimes feels boring. At such times, these beverages come to the rescue.

10. Mindful Eating – Avoid distractions while eating and make sure you eat slowly. This helps our brain to realize the constant supply of food and hence we don’t feel hungry. This is the reason the competitors in eating competitions eat quickly; they swallow tons of it even before the brain realizes it.

That’s all folks. Now you have a general idea about how to deal with hunger during your fat loss journey.

To learn more about combating hunger with the technique of ‘Refeeding’, refer to the Fitmag article here: “Refeeding – The Overeating Trick

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Author Credits -Tabish Naseem