How to grow your never growing Glutes?

Accept it or not, but most of you women out there want a that bubble butt with no fat around your tummy. That has been a goal for most I bet. Still many have no clue how to properly train them.

One of the misleading campaigns out there is ‘Just squat to get that booty’ and some even claimed that all they did was squats to get that amazing booty. But you need to understand, you have no clue what else they are doing to their bodies apart from training (suspicious look) and also you may not have the genetics as such.

Just squatting for awesome glutes? A BIG NO.

I am not saying you are not supposed to do squats on your glutes training day. In fact I have included this exercise as one of the primary glute activation exercises. But just doing squats won’t do any good.

Before moving on to the best training strategy to be followed, let’s run through some of the technicalities which one should know.

The Glute comprises of 3 major muscles 1) Gluteus Maximus 2) Gluteus Minimus 3) Gluteus Medius

Gluteus Maximus is the largest in one’s body and apparently it covers the maximum of the Gluteal anatomy

Our glutes have four major functions, namely, hip extension, hip abduction, hip external rotation, and posterior pelvic tilt.


Well, how to grow them then?

There are few things which actually hampers the growth of your glutes:

  1. Diet (out of scope for this article)
  2. Improper training
  3. Lack of mind muscle connection


One of the big mistakes which people do is just squat for glutes. One can perform hip extension movements in greater hip abduction which therefore increases gluteus maximus involvement, and thereby produce a superior training effect. That can be easily achieved by doing barbell hip thrusts.

In one of the researches it has been shown that Hip thrusts produce more involvement of glutes than doing squats.

Does that mean squats should be completely avoided?

No. Include wider stance body weight or very light weight squats to activate your posterior. Make sure you don’t exhaust yourself with it.

Many complain that they don’t feel the burn in their glutes when they do glute workouts.

Probably the reason is that you are not hitting them hard enough. Whenever you feel there is no burn even if you are doing proper glutes exercises, try to increase the volume or the frequency or both.

Try doing 10 sets of hip thrusts and let first five sets be very light of 25-30 repetitions to build that mind muscle connection.

I am not saying this should be the standard protocol. Believe it or not, even hip thrusts don’t work for some. They need to try other exercises to properly hit all the 3 gluteal muscles. Another variation is single leg hip thrusts and even resistance band hip thrusts for those who are not able to feel the burn with barbell hip thrusts.

So that’s all, Hip thrusts it is. Nothing else?

Well, to accompany it, you should also add exercises like walking lunges (with longer strides), Cable kickbacks, Sumo deadlifts, kettlebell/Dumbbell swings, seated hip abductions (machine).

Make sure you also perform all variations of squats and deadlifts, especially the wider stance ones. It’s not because it will magically grow your glutes, but it will help you get your lower body strengthened and keep other musculature on point which can act as supporting actors when you do glute specific exercises.

For example, people with weaker lower back, might face problems performing hip thrusts.  One of the most efficient way to strengthen the lower back is by deadlifting.

Let’s address few FAQ’s

1) How often you shall train your glutes?

2-3 times a week is more than enough

2) What should be the volume and rep ranges?

One needs to find this out themselves as to what works for them. Try different permutations and combinations with volume and frequency. There is no ideal way. Try different variations till you find your mind muscle connection.

3) When can I train?

You can train them on leg day or combine with any other parts.

4) Am i doing everything perfectly, but still no results, what can I do?

First of all, get your diet reviewed. Second, yes, though there can be genetics involved but don’t lose hope. We have seen people who were told that a man can never step on the moon. Impossible is nothing.


Take home point?

Implement higher volume/frequency hip thrusts along with some accessory movements in your routine and watch your booty grow!


~Matin Shaikh