How to Lose Weight?

A million bucks worth question – How to lose weight? How exactly to lose all that freaking weight?

I am pretty sure that you have already searched online like a zillion times with the keywords “How to Lose Weight?” So what did you get? A good guess would be about 6-7 billion websites that promise fast results with minimal efforts …right? Or may be GM’S diet (in my opinion, the worst diet – it’s not even a diet), which left you a little overwhelmed, isn’t it? And you lamentably returned to sipping your hot tea, or got back to watching TV.

Well, in that case, I am glad you came across this article. Keep reading, we will be getting to resolving this million dollar question shortly.

Everyone, who is a little more blessed than others by the fat fairy, wants to lose weight. Even if they don’t express it much, deep down inside, there is a small unhappy part of conscience which wants to lose those kilos, but the dilemma is they don’t know how to fire up. How should I go about losing weight?

I shall help you with some pointers that would help to clear your mind a bit.

  1. In order to get somewhere, you need to make a start – Only wishing and dreaming for a healthier you won’t burn any calories. You have got to get out there. Like it’s said “You won’t get the ass you want by sitting on it!” Talk to your friends or better yet, take a professional help and just start your journey already. Dump that jar of processed sugar, start taking stairs, start eating healthy – but whatever you do, start today.
  2. Eating less is a big no noYour body needs a certain amount of calories for it to perform its vital functions. If it doesn’t get those calories from the diet, it can start to breakdown its own tissues for energy. And I am sure you don’t want to make the same mistake that I made and look like an inverted triangle.
  3. Don’t outsource your motivation It has to come from inside. You have to do it for yourself, not for anyone. Learn to prioritize yourself. You are important. Don’t wait for a medical condition to knock at your door and make you start that journey. I have so many obese clients telling me that they have PCOD, or this ailment and that, and that the doctors have told them to lose weight. Why wait for this? Do it while you still have the time.
  4. Move it, move it, move it – Get going people! Do what you like the most. Swimming, cycling, badminton, skipping….just move that butt. Better yet, make good use of YouTube and start a beginner’s workout session at home with light weights. Once you get into the groove, you can enrol yourself in a nearby gym.
  5. One step at a time– Rome was not built in a day. Start making changes one by one if all this looks intimidating to you. May be cut on those endless cups of tea, make some time for exercises, eat more veggies and drink more water. Don’t set irrational goals. I get a lot of clients saying that they have a birthday or a wedding in a month and they need to lose weight. Firstly, if you just need to lose for an occasion, do know that you are on the wrong track. Being healthy should be a permanent lifestyle change and not just a few weeks’ thing.

So to reiterate, start today…start now! Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself, are you happy with what you see? Do you want to look better outside, feel better inside, fit better in your clothes, and in your own skin? Well, you already have the answer to that million dollar question now. Hustle!

Seize the day. CARPE DIEM!


Article Credits – Swati Sodhi

Swati Sodhi

Swati Sodhi

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