Be it a question of losing or gaining weight, or just being healthy and fit, one should always keep a few things in mind that will will go a long way in keeping your body, mind, and entire life healthy.

In this article, I am introducing interesting things you can start incorporating into your daily routine, in order to start a healthy life.

First let us identify what are the essential things required to maintain a healthy lifestyle –

  • Introduce some daily exercises
  • Drink more water (read more about the benefits of hydration with the Fitmag article here)
  • Refrain from toxic habits (alcohol, smoking)
  • Maintain your routine
  • Meditate for few minutes every day for lowering stress
  • Make healthy choices at every step
  • Sleep well

That’s a general list of ‘healthy habits’ that you can certainly start ticking off one by one. Let us now look at one of the most important points from the above mentioned list –



In order to start our journey from being unhealthy to healthy, we need to take small steps. The easiest one by far, is to start eating right and healthy! But in order to that, we need to first know the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

We all know that junk foods, refined foods, sugars, soda, alcohol, etc. are bad for health, but nowadays, poor lifestyle choices, hectic schedules, and odd working hours make us find comfort in all those very junk and oily restaurant food! Every time we throw our caution to the winds and reach out for these ‘comfort’ foods, we are doing a tremendous disservice to our own physical and mental health and well-being! How? Because, these little split-second bad decisions ultimately add up to the deteriorating health and stamina over a period of time, despite our knowing that they are ‘oily,’ or ‘junk,’ or plain ‘not good.’

So then, how do we start training ourselves to eat right?

1. Start taking baby steps:

Changing a lifestyle that you’ve been following for several years now is hard but not impossible. Making small, gradual changes in your eating pattern is the best way to overhaul your diet. Your ultimate goal is to adopt and adapt new eating habits that can be sustained for life, thus gradual changes every week will help you. Make a list of changes you’d like to adopt (for instance, cutting down on sugar by half), and schedule one change per week. Keep it doable, not radical. And most importantly, stick to it. 

 2. Stock your kitchen well:

Another good way to start is to stock your kitchen and refrigerator with healthy foods. That way, when hunger strikes, you have a healthy alternative in the fridge, instead of the unhealthy options at the nearby take-away joint. Also, plan to prepare healthier foods at home which keep your eating out habits at bay.



Start off by investing in a good (and easy to follow) recipe book!


3. Start eliminating few things:

In order to start eating right, you can also start eliminating certain things like sugar, processed foods, refined flours, soda, alcohol, canned beverages, juices etc.

Slowly, but steadily, eliminate every such bad food habits you have got accustomed to over the years. Read the Fitmag article here to know more about foods that you should simply STOP buying: Five Foods that You Need to Stop Buying NOW!

4. Introduce a new food habit:

Introducing new food habits could just mean simple things like adding some green salad to every meal, or adding some protein and good fat sources in every meal.

Instead of opting for eating out every week, change it to a monthly treat in order reward yourself.

5. Start making healthy choices:

Eating healthy and eating right doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself or stop being social. And it definitely doesn’t mean that you stop partying!


Whether party or eating out at a restaurant, you can always make good choices over unhealthy ones. For one, you can choose grilled food over deep fried food. Ditch that plate of fries for a healthier plate of steamed and buttered vegetables or mushrooms!

Avoiding sugars, having more salads, avoiding refined flour, choosing rice over pasta and breads, including more protein rich food – all these are some common alternatives that you have, to help curb those weekend excesses. If weekends are your traps, here’s a Fitmag article that talks about how to not fall into the ‘Weekend Traps’: 6 Ways to Enjoy the Weekend Without Guilt


As you may have heard it said innumerable times, ‘Time and tide waits for no man!’ So if you want to make a start towards being healthy, NOW is the right time to start eating right. Don’t wait any longer!


Author Credits – Dr. Namrata Ghushar