“I Don’t Care” – Lose Weight And Regain Health With This Mantra, Just Like Risha Ray Did – Read Her Story Now!

Here’s a list of reasons some people aren’t able to lose weight –


Chronic Obesity



Gall Bladder Stones

H. Pylori Infection

Now what if we told you these are merely excuses that you can overcome and still lose all that weight and be fit?

Alarmed? Think having one of these is bad enough? Well, imagine battling all of these together. Risha Ray’s battle was precisely that. And she has proved now that these are all just excuses! Read on to know how –

From “I Don’t Care about being Fit”

Always on the plump side since teenage, Risha’s hypothyroidism, coupled with a somewhat chronic lack of motivation ensured that she stayed stuck in her “I don’t care” zone. So life decided to pile a bit more on her plate after she delivered her baby in late 2015. She was diagnosed with Class 1 Obesity, followed by PCOD, then GERD, the shocking discovery of gall bladder stones, and the final cherry on the cake – a terrible H. Pylori infection that put that last nail in the coffin of her poor health.

Now Risha realized that continuing to play her ‘I don’t care’ card, which was long expired already, would only land her in deep trouble. It was time to sit up and take notice of the failing body… and to ‘LOSE WEIGHT’.

Sometimes, life sends us a guide. She found her mentor and guide in Shanu Shashank, a S.Q.U.A.T.S. fitness consultant. Soon, she was introduced to the concepts that she turned into weapons in her battle:

  1. Weight Training
  2. Low Carb Diet

And these were the only ‘secrets’ to her weight loss journey! And once she had made up her mind, like the oft-quoted dialogue from a Hindi movie “…I don’t even listen to myself.” Risha became unstoppable.

…To “I Don’t Care for any EXCUSE!”

She recounts her victory over her ill health in the following words:

“In 1.5 years, I lost 13.5kgs. PCOD, GERD, H. Pylori, Hypothyroidism – all under control! (had to operate gallbladder though). In fact my thyroid medicine dose has been reduced for the 1st time in 4-5 years, that to from 100mg to 25mg. The journey was definitely difficult, especially with a toddler to look after, but I never gave or took any excuse.”


“I don’t care.” The card was still the same. Only this time, the game had changed.

Fitmag salutes the spirit of not giving excuses – Not Health, Not PCOD or Hypothyroidism, Not babies, Not the lack of time or motivation. Hats off to Risha Ray for showing us the way to do it!


– The Fitmag Team