Improve your sex drive!

Accept it – deep within, all of us are somewhat worried about our youthfulness. Behind the closed doors of our self-proclaimed pride, we are struggling to cling to the drive we used to have once, while the truth is that with the passing years, the keen edge only gets blunt and blunter!

And…with that acceptance, we have to admit, the drive for sex we used to have has also been impacted. We no longer enjoy it or feel it like the first time.

What has gone wrong?
Libido, the other name for the human sex drive, is (alarming) decreasing in today’s

For those of an advanced age, reduction in libido is understandable due to the change in endocrine system (and I’m not talking about those that are the Father-of- the-bride types). But the decline in libido in today’s generation, is unpleasantly settling in at a much earlier
age than it is supposed to. So what exactly is happening here? Take a look at these facts:

  • Our lifestyle and environment has changed drastically in last few decades.
  • The work culture and the competition has made life stressful
  • Lifestyle vices like consumption of alcohol, smoking, uneven sleep patterns and
    unhealthy food habits have given a huge setback to our sex lives.
  • Pollution (noise and light) and modern medication have also had detrimental effects on the libido.

While we might think this isn’t as grave an issue, truth be told, dissatisfaction in bed can lead to a whole lot of problems. So, how to deal with it?
Even though we cannot control the work culture or the pollution in the world, we can make
some changes in our life which can restore our feeling of youthfulness and also the sex

  • Try Improving your life style and manage your stress : Stress and fatigue leads to a lot of change in our endocrine system. Hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and oxytocin are impacted greatly. Metabolic disorders like hypothyroidism is also shown to decrease the libido. Deficiency of iron in blood (Anemia) can cause a fall in sex drive for women. In order to improve their profile, a good life style with a proper structured diet plan, and a good amount of physical activity is very much needed. Foods rich in protein, fats, and complex carbohydrates along with green veggies should be primary in the diet. Food rich in Zinc have also shown to be helpful.

  • Try dealing with psychological issues : Many a times, we suffer from depression, mental stress, and other psychological conditions and this impacts our sex lives. Identify these issues before they get chronic, try techniques and methods which can relieve you from the condition. A positive change in environment can in certain way, improve the conditions; other techniques may involve visual or music therapy. Sleep has proven to be the best stress buster, it will not only give time to your body to recover but also improve the regulation of the hormones responsible for enhancing the libido.

  • If possible, dump the traffic on some days: Noise pollution, light pollution, and other forms of pollution have shown to increase the stress from the environment. Try finding out ways to manage the life in a city so as to decrease stress as far as possible. If possible, instead of driving and getting frustrated behind the wheel, try opting for a public transport where you can sit and relax in your journey.

  • Libido-enhancing Medications: Even though I would not advocate the usage or dependency on medication, we can make some exceptions when it comes to natural supplementation. Naturally occurring herbs like safed musli, saffron, nutmeg, date palm, tongkat ali, maca, ginseng, aswagandha, and yohimbe have shown to provide an extra edge. But the usage and dosage should be strictly guided and monitored by a certified and experienced practitioner, as wrong usage or dosage might be hazardous.

Enjoying the sex drive and life is largely dependent on the physical and mental condition and strength. A healthy body and mind can help you to unleash the forgotten potential that you still have in you.


Author credits –  Suraj Ray


Suraj Ray

Suraj Ray

Hi, I am Suraj Ray, an Expert Level Certified Nutrition and Training Consultant (INFS). I have 2 years of real time experience in fitness and lifestyle transformation. I prefer to understand the goals and limitations of my client before starting their program. The program is custom made based on the observations made by keeping the limitations and benefit under consideration. For me, fitness is an undetectable part and we are together for quite some time. The regime started long back when I used to train with my father and from where I learned the significance of a fit and healthy life. My objective is simple and clear, I want to make as many people as I can fit and healthier. I understand that the mission is not an easy one and “easy” is something that I am not looking for. With SQUATS I have taken an oath and will fulfill it by helping you with your fitness goal. It's will be a mutual job for me and you to bring your fitness goal and my vision into reality.