Injury? Heal it with Rest

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Just a month back, I went through this lower back pain while doing deadlifts. I immediately removed some weight plates to check if am right with my form and technique. Since it was all fine, I ignored the pain and continued with the exercise. Again, the very next day, I started feeling the same pain during my workout. This kept happening for a while until I decided to visit a physiotherapist and get it sorted. The advice that I received was quite surprising – the physio simply told me to take complete rest for next week or two, and stay away from heavy lifting (of course apart from a few core strengthening exercises.)

Being a fitness enthusiast and a workout freak, it’s really hard for someone to just go off the gym for more than 2 or 3 days, as the mind does not allow us to do so. And my physiotherapist was asking me to stop lifting for more than a week! I couldn’t stop myself, and I went to the gym again, despite her warning. Result? The same pain again!

This personal experience will probably strike a common chord in most of you – we all have been through such injuries or pain in our lives at some point or the other, and must have gone through similar feelings of disappointment and frustration. The question that remains is, how do we deal with such injuries in the correct way?

It’s very common when you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast to get injured. We tend to ignore the pain and keep training and it gets worse. But no matter how strong you are, pushing through an obvious pain isn’t the most prudent thing to do.

Here are some injury management tips for all you stubborn people:

• Becoming ignorant or overconfident is quite common, but is in equal measures dangerous and foolhardy. If the pain/inflammation persists, immediately visit a doctor or a physiotherapist. Do not be a doctor yourself or take any random advice. Physical examination of the affected area has to be done by a medical practitioner.

• We do tend to ignore the suggestion of resting, but remember that your body demands rest. Consider this pain as a signal from your body asking for some rest, that’s all. Don’t go too hard on yourself. After all, it’s a long term fitness plan that you are into.

• Seeing other people posting selfies in the gym or field makes you more impatient and restless. Stop thinking too much or comparing yourself with others. It’s your journey and no one is here to compete with you. You never know what they have gone through.

Injuries are a part of life, one has to learn to bear this phase, and take all the necessary precautions or remedies suggested by the doctor or the physiotherapist consulted.

• Apart from rest, there are two key things – Nutrition and Hydration. Following the right nutrition schedule helps in providing the essential vitamins and minerals to the body. That can actually help in recovering faster. Staying hydrated is important as well, since your bones and muscles hold good amount of water too.

• In most cases, injuries affect us more on the psychological plane than just the physical part of your body. Never make assumptions regarding any  pain or inflammation which stays around for long. Get it treated as soon as possible.

So, next time you are facing a dire strait involving a niggling pain, or a major injury, try recalling these tips on injury management. Implement them, and bounce back hard!

Good luck!


Article Credits – Shanu Shashank

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Shanu Shashank

Shanu Shashank

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