42 kgs down! Read Ipshita’s Inspiring Transformation Story

Ipshita’s journey from breathlessness at 148 kgs to fighting fit at 88 kgs!

Have you ever noticed that for most of us who have been at the mercy of chronic health issues, considering a ‘fitness’ regime is often the last thing on the mind and the first thing we give up on easily. Ironically, the bigger the health battle, the more ridiculously important it becomes to have a training program and train the body (and the mind, of course) out of
its negative zone.

148 kgs was the most negative zone ever for Ipshita, whose life had been a constant battle with issues like Asthma and Arthritis. Having let fitness slide, these two demons ensured that she simply piled on kilos after kilos and had no way of turning things back. Or so they thought.

At 148, Giving up was Easy…
Little did they know that Ipshita wasn’t a quitter. At 148, severely demotivated, and with everyone egging her on to go under the knife with bariatric surgery, it was sheer courage and grit that put her on the treadmill religiously, and an undying hope that she could still do something to salvage her body and her mind, both of which were on the verge of giving up. And this, despite the regular nebulizers, the arthritic knee pain, the complete loss of stamina, and despite feeling drained with just a 10-minute walk!
Cardio has its benefits. And though it was torture to go through full days on a bowl of lentil soup and salad greens, Ipshita’s determination did help her come down to 140 kgs. But determination cannot take you further without direction.

At 130, Sticking around was still hard…
When she joined SQUATS, her first 3-month attempt brought little hope, though she did lose a fair bit, but it was no where near inspiring. She was still at 130 kgs. But the journey wasn’t over for Ipshita yet. She restarted after a break and joined under her mentor Dipankar Mazumder. She had already shown Determination, and her mentor now gave her Direction.This time, she brought to the table –Dedication.


At 88, now she walks proud!
Dedication is about being true to the program, being true to your mentor, and ultimately, being true to yourself. Have the will to make it work, and the courage to follow it to the ‘T’. Ipshita gave it her all, and took everything that Dipankar throwed at her in her stride – whether LCD, Keto, or Weight Training (instead of that endless cardio). Slow but steady… the first thing that disappeared was Asthma. NO MORE BREATHLESSNESS.

The next to go was Arthritis. NO MORE PAIN. And all this while constantly pushing her body to do more, to lift more weights, to walk more, to push it to the limits that it once thought impossible!


Slow but steady… Today, at 88kgs, Ipshita’s race is far from being won. But she’s a winner already. And she firmly believes it is just a matter of time before she reaches her target of 54 kgs under Dipankar’s mentoring.

Way to go Ipshita! Never say Die!


Fitmag salutes the spirit of Womanhood, and congratulates you for the incredible distance you’ve come, and we will see you at the finish very soon.

– The Fitmag Team