Junk-Food-Junkie Mom lost 23 kilos, and transformed her Mind, Body, and Soul! Find out how…

Meet Deepika Agrawal – The mother who washed and fed, and at the same time read and shed 23 kilos to become fit and fabulous.

The Ups and Downs of Motherhood

Motherhood, they say, is nothing short of a miraculous rebirth. A mother is born at the same moment as her child. The child who is the center of her world and the apple of her eyes. So it was for Deepika Agrawal.

But like all life processes, limitless joys bring with them limitless headaches too. For a new mother, it starts with her own health considerations taking a backseat. The mummy tummy, the love handles, the unstoppable weight gain along with its cohorts constant fatigue and depression – all this becomes so acceptable, most women actually expect this downgrading of life to happen… For Deepika, reality struck when after delivering her bundle of happiness, in April 2017, her weighing scales showed her an alarming 83 kgs.

Obesity and its companions

Obesity is not a solo traveler, it brings along with its companion like low self-esteem, lack of self-discipline, multiple health issues, and oh – an uncontrolled love for junk food. A packet of chips was the staple with every movie. And ‘portion control’ was just about as easy a concept as telekinesis.

Poor discipline was already a house guest. Poor health wasn’t far behind. Every kilo she piled on took a toll on her body. As Deepika says, “Walking down the streets wasn’t easy as a 83 kgs woman”. The knee pain and the back pain added to her problems. She didn’t even fit into regular width chairs!

Her energy levels hit an all-time low. Lethargy and fatigue were aided by a lack of uninterrupted sleep. The joy of motherhood was marred by all these issues.

But there comes a wake-up call in everyone’s lives that’s hard to ignore. Something has to change. Deepika’s lethargy went flying out the window when it dawned on her – If I didn’t make a change immediately, I could end up housebound or miss out on seeing my child grow up.” This realization marked the beginning of her journey on the road to fitness.

The Transformation…

The initial surge of confidence saw Deepika hit the gym with vengeance and lose a kilo or three. But alas, the joy was short lived. She gained all that back in a shorter span of time because of her houseguests of poor health and poor discipline, combined with insufficient knowledge. So she decided to change her battle strategy – and signed up under Siddesh Vojhala of S.Q.U.A.T.S.


…Of Mind

Siddesh did not just make a diet and workout plan for Deepika. He helped her learn about quantified nutrition, the need to strength train, and also debunked a lot of myths about food and lifestyle.

The mind is a most curious student and an eager learner. What Deepika learned, she applied in her life and saw the results with her own eyes. The incredulousness of losing weight in spite of eating cheese (!!) was slowly and surely transformed to faith once these results started to show. She started paying close attention to the signals her body sent. She knew when it signalled that it was hungry or full. Limitless servings were no longer the norm, Portion Control was her mantra. In her own words, “People suffer from the misconception that ‘DIET’ means ‘STARVING,’ which is erroneous. It’s all about Clean Eating and Portion Control.” 

She imbibed what her mentor taught her – We should eat what our body needs, not what our brain needs.”


…Of Body


Through portion control and exercise, Deepika slowly lost 23 kgs over the course of about 18 weeks.  Soon enough, health problems made a backdoor exit one by one. Her skin glowed, her kilos melted, her confidence soared, her energy levels now hit an all-time high. Compliments kept pouring in. Deepika was on a roll.

But, she knew that her journey did not end once she reached her desired weight. Now, it was all about maintenance.


…And Soul

When the mind and body had achieved so much, how can the soul be left behind? The satisfaction and joy of losing her weight and achieving her fitness goals left a deep imprint on her soul and taught her life lessons that only adverse circumstances can teach. Self-acceptance and self-love were the lessons learned.

In her own words- Remember that you don’t have to be perfect to lose weight. If you get off track, you just get right back on. Don’t let yourself sabotage the rest of the day or week or month. It’s like getting a flat tire—you fix it and move on, you don’t poke holes in the rest of your tires.”


Today, Deepika wants nothing more than to keep grinding, and to inspire people to begin their own journeys. And just like the ripple effect, she wants them to inspire others, cheer for her fellow companions and lend them a helping hand when times are hard.

We, at FITMAG, are equally inspired by this Fit MOM and wish her all the best for her ongoing journey.


– The Fitmag Team