Keto Tacos!!


Grated cheese (preferably mozzarella or cheddar cheese): 40 grams, for 2 tacos.

For the filling, you can actually choose anything of your choice like veggies, paneer, eggs, chicken, etc.

What I have used is  2 eggs,

Little bit of grated zucchini,

1 tablespoon yogurt,

Some black pepper n chili powder to sprinkle.


Fats – 21 gms

Protiens – 23 gms

Carbs – 3 gms

Calories – 230

Above mentioned values are approximate and may differ based on the food quantity and brand.


1. In a non stick pan on medium heat, add the grated cheese in circular shape.

2. Let it melt and cook until it is brown on the edges. (It will take sometime, patience is the key).

3. When it is evenly brown, remove it slowly from the pan with the help of spatula (it will easily come off).

4. While the cooked cheese base is still hot, give it a shape of  a taco (a U shape). Do not let it get cold otherwise it will get crispy and break off

when you try to bend it.

5. Add in the filling of your choice. I used some scrambled eggs and added that, topped with grated zucchini, yogurt and some chili

powder and pepper for sprinkle.

6. Serve with your favorite dip. Se ve apetitoso.

~Pratichi Dixit Sadangi