Learn how a new mother shed her post-pregnancy weight and went from 89 kgs to 52 kgs

The birth of a child fills parents with joy. Sindhu Prakash was an ecstatic new mother in 2015 and was completely enamored with her newborn son.

But a few months later, while browsing through the photos on her phone, she came across her own photo with her 3 month-old baby in her arms and Sindhu went into a state of shock. She could not recognize the woman in the photo.

Sindhu had gained close to 27 kilos during her pregnancy! She couldn’t believe how she’d let herself go. She decided to take matters into her own hands and thus began her journey to fitness and health.

Sindhu was a complete novice. She realized that the only thing she knew was how to tell healthy food from unhealthy ones. Her problem, which she realized soon, was that she had been eating in a caloric surplus for a long time! Just because certain foods are “healthy”, she would gorge on them and end up consuming way more calories than her body could burn. In addition, within a span of just 4 months of her son’s birth, she had already packed on a few more kilos due to stress/emotional eating. As a new mother, she had her hands full and had ended up neglecting her own health. When her big wake-up moment happened in November 2015, she was at her heaviest weight of 89 kilos.

In the beginning, Sindhu only did cardio (running / elliptical) for 60 minutes a day. To add to that, she had no idea about tracking her calories nor did she know a thing about macros. Even though her weight did go down, it didn’t make me feel good. She kept looking for a sustainable way to lose fat and started educating herself about fitness. That’s how she found out that everything she had been doing to lose weight was wrong! She realized that her half-baked techniques had only made her skinny fat and weak.

In January 2017, she slowly started incorporating home strength training exercises with low weights/body weight, HIIT workouts and also reduced her cardio workouts to 20 or 30 minutes of running a day. Soon, Sindhu regained energy and started seeing better results.

As Sindhu’s enjoyment and passion for learning new facts about nutrition and fitness increased, SQUATS happened – the best thing at the right time. The biggest lesson she learned from SQUATS was about tracking macros which proved to be a huge game changer for her. It had always been a challenge for Sindhu as she’s a vegetarian who doesn’t even eat eggs but SQUATS taught her about alternative food strategies which worked for her.

Sindhu had shed quite a few kilos but by April 2018, she hit a plateau and she realized she needed help. That’s when she enrolled under mentor Honey Kumar Chuwdhary.

Thanks to her mentor’s expert guidance and motivation, Sindhu lost a total of 7 kilos (59.5 kg to 52.5 kg) and lots of inches. Her dress size came down to a 2 or 4. Most of all, she started looking forward to her strength training sessions which she always used to avoid.

Sindhu’s journey had taken 2.5 years but at the end of it, she’s emerged stronger, leaner and fitter.

The biggest changes she saw were not in her body but in her mindset and habits – the toughest things to manage on any fitness journey!

Congratulations to Sindhu on her transformation. We wish her the very best for her future!