Litfest Special: “Know What’s on Your Plate” – Ipsha Barooah

Apart from ‘Our father, who art in heaven’, ‘Portion control’, ‘ Count your calories’, and ‘Go easy on the burger, bro’ – are some of the common chants we now know by heart.

Nutrition is one of the simplest yet the most confusing topics that people like to debate about. You hear it from your nosey neighbours, your grandmother’s secret diet tips, and sometimes, from popular farcical media houses that sell sensationalism in the name of sense and sentiment.

It is 2018 and people still believe in fruit diets! What disturbs me the most is when folks refuse to do their basic research on quantified nutrition. As a woman, I get a lot of those ‘fat loss tips please’ in my private chat box.

The nation desperately wants to know more about the art of clean and calculated eating. Crash diets over the years have led us to this belief that being in shape is an unreachable feat and eating healthy is not for the weak-minded.

In our country, a mother’s love is measured in terms of an overflowing plate of rich food. People often flunk the fitness test, solely because emotions hold us at gun point while we make crucial life decisions.

When I was a toddler, my mother ensured she put in a sweet dish in my lunch box everyday. This whetted my appetite for sugar, which turned into a pest that I could not run away from. I was always looking forward to our traditional festivals where I could douse my senses in sugary substances. Sugar was my ultimate dopamine trigger. As far as sweets were concerned, I had the lion’s share on my plate. My mother thought I would be happy but deep down, my body was crying out loud.

Eventually, as I began to earn a humble living, I realized I could not cook, let alone lighting the burners. I started off with a simple life of abundant carbs that satiated me well. But it was only a few years later that I understood the value of the macros on my plate.

The advent of lifestyle ailments is only recent, since obesity and diabetes were largely unheard of during our grandparents’ era. A plethora of quack nutritionists have spread false notions about nutrition. This, coupled with the prevalence of fast foods, only meant that the world got into a daze and started binge eating in this commotion.

We live in an era where alcohol is more than the amount of clean drinking water.

We live in a zone now where eating is a boon and exercising is a bane.

People suffer from anorexia, bulimia, or obesity.

But you just have to open your eyes to see that nutrition is not rocket science. It only involves an understanding of goals before you get involved in the hoopla. Food is fuel, and not an entertainment. Moderation in eating is a principle that everyone must apply to make one small change at a time. Once you control your mind, you can automatically control what fills your plate. Ultimately, clean eating is the only way to worship your body.

“We are not eating food. We are eating things that look like food” – Anonymous.

So the question is, if you hate feeling stressed at work, why stress your digestive system with junk?

Article Credits – Ipsha Barooah