Litfest Special: “Know What’s on Your Plate” – Subia Khan

The most viral phrase for proving that fat is lost in the kitchen and abs are also made in that same kitchen would be – “It is easy to workout in the gym for an hour, but the real deal is to mind what is on your plate for the next 23 hours!”

Oh yes, it makes sense!


Nutrition – The word is highly misinterpreted!

Ground rules

  1. Never say I am going on a Diet and torture yourself even before the start of the journey. It’s a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition choices you have made for yourself. Take Pride!
  2. Don’t follow what others follow, simply because you are you and that’s the main difference!
  3. YES, IT HAS TO BE QUANTIFIED! Unmeasured and unaccounted macros will do you bad, just as plain junk food will!
  4. What goes on your plate will reach your mind and body both!

Get it sorted here… Look at food by the nutrients it is fetching you. So, what my mum sees on plate – rice, chicken, ghee and vegetables versus what I see on my plate – carb, protein, fat and fibre!

Aren’t they same? It’s just mind orientation!


Debunk nutrition myths while designing a nutrition plan!

  • Are carbs bad when on a quantified nutrition?

Complex carbs (Wheat, Rice, Oats etc.) help us stay satiated for a long time keeping the hunger pangs at bay. They also give energy for lifting better! Simple carbs aren’t bad either. However, they are quick absorbing and hence, make you hungry in a short span of time. If you are particular about not bingeing when hunger strikes you, you can opt for simple carbs too like fruits, sugar etc., but just mind the quantities!

  • Eating Fat for losing fat?

Ever seen anyone with zero percent body fat? The only people who can be on zero fats are those in their graves!

Saturated Fats are essential for regulating metabolism and functioning of brain! They also play vital roles in hormonal balance and regulating body functions. Ghee, butter, coconut oil, paneer etc. and Omega 3 fatty acids are all good fats which will make you lose fat, when eaten as per your body requirement!

  • Protein – your building block?

Proteins are a must when you intend to stay in shape with lean gains! They are body building blocks which aid muscle mass. Aiming lean gains while you train is a great way to lose bad weight. Strength training makes your muscle keep demanding energy for next 24 hours of use, just not during workout. A good amount of muscle mass will make sure your body breaks stored fat to give energy in next 24 hours. Best way to make those muscles grow is by adequate protein intake. Chicken, whey, fish, soya chunks, eggs are some great sources with a complete protein profile! Absorption of protein is often questionable but keeping it at 30-40 grams at intervals of 4 hours is a good choice for enhanced absorption!

  • Fibre – We like Spinach!

Fibre helps in digestion and proper bowel movement. Apart from this fact, it keeps you full for long! Fibre also has micronutrients (essential but not synthesized by the human body) like iron, potassium etc.

Spinach, fenugreek, broccoli, capsicum, bottlegaurd, french beans, asparagus, kale etc. are your best friends, which help in sticking to measured calories for the day by keeping you satiated!


  • Make sure you’re staying hydrated. Water is as essential as oxygen! It is a great solvent, a major vehicle for transport and circulation, digestion, electrolyte balance, and acts as a medium for many body functions.

Your food choices will surely take you a step closer to a healthier you..


Remember – Happy, sad, irritated? Gym is the answerFat, lean, weak or strong? Nutrition is the answer!


Article Credits – Subia Khan (Litfest Submission)