Lose weight without exercise!

Often it becomes really difficult to take time out to exercise. It is always either the long office hours or the new member in the family that needs more time and attention. One thing leads to another and then you end up looking for ways to lose weight without exercising (apart from prayers).

The simple answer to this is YES! 


All you have to do is find out your maintenance calories and eat less than that. As long as you eat below your maintenance calories, you shall lose weight. But then, why are we asked to exercise and lift weights while being on a deficit? Why not lose all of that weight by eating less?

Why exercise?

Our body requires a certain amount of calories to maintain its weight (maintenance calories). When you eat less than that, it taps into the energy stores (bodyfat) of the body to make up for the lack of energy. Also, simultaneously, it will try to slow down all the mechanisms which are not essential for survival. Our body spends a few extra calories just to sustain the precious muscles too. Unless you use the muscles, put some stress on these muscles, you will lose them too when in a deficit. When you simply eat at a deficit, you shall lose both, muscles as well as body fat. Eventually when you reach your goal weight, you won’t have the sexy physique you so longed for.

Lifting weights will provide the much needed stimuli to the muscles. When you use the muscles frequently for some activity, you send a signal to the body to retain the muscle mass. This will make sure that you lose only the body fat without losing any muscles. This also explains why the people who stick to just cardio have such a small upper body.

So if you want to lose weight without exercising, just eat less than your maintenance calories and you’ll lose it all. However, if you want to lose all the weight and end up looking sexy, lift weights and get strong!


Author credits – Arpit Kushwaha