Mind Power for better Strength Gains !!


Are you following a good training regime, diet and yet you are not improving in terms of gains, recovery or even eating habits. Well, I have a notion for you; try some “Mind Training and Meditation”.  Can we train our mind to help us improve our physical training performance, body composition, and recovery?

Well, you will come to know soon.

Mind training and Mediation have a lot deeper meaning and application in our life. If we can understand and implement in our day-to-day life, it can help us in our training performance and also controlling our eating habit.meditation-on-yoga-class-725x479Mental training has been proven to provide an extra edge in the field of sports and combat. Studies have proven that athletes practising mental training and practising self-motivational talks have shown great results in terms of gains from strength training. It also enhanced recovery rate compared to their only strength training practicing counterparts. Implementation of these techniques has been shown to enhance the serum testosterone level ( an anabolic hormone) and reduce the cortisol level in the blood (stress and catabolic hormone). 6057404732_39cc566dc0_o
People finding hard to control their eating habits can also benefit from such training. Meditation and Mental training can help in conditions like binge eating, emotional and stress eating.

Practising medication for few minutes a day can bring big changes in one’s lifestyle. A proper control on eating habits and gains from training will add to the well-being of the person there by bringing confidence and self-esteem to perform better. Well, there is no single definition of how to perform meditation and mental training, but one can customize it as per their suitability.

Sitting like a pharaoh on a chair or performing a padmasana on floor but closing the eyes, maintaining a stable and repetitive breathing pattern and concentrating on your own inner self can help you get started, coupled with guided meditation audios on YouTube that you can find.

Here’s one such video you may want to have a look at and try practising it:



Suraj Ray

Suraj Ray

Hi, I am Suraj Ray, an Expert Level Certified Nutrition and Training Consultant (INFS). I have 2 years of real time experience in fitness and lifestyle transformation. I prefer to understand the goals and limitations of my client before starting their program. The program is custom made based on the observations made by keeping the limitations and benefit under consideration. For me, fitness is an undetectable part and we are together for quite some time. The regime started long back when I used to train with my father and from where I learned the significance of a fit and healthy life. My objective is simple and clear, I want to make as many people as I can fit and healthier. I understand that the mission is not an easy one and “easy” is something that I am not looking for. With SQUATS I have taken an oath and will fulfill it by helping you with your fitness goal. It's will be a mutual job for me and you to bring your fitness goal and my vision into reality.