Mindfulness based mental fitness training


Tringgggggggg!!!!!!!!!!! That sound from the alarm clock that triggers our day, though some of us snooze and get back again, that’s where our day starts eventually with a lot of plans and proposals for the day. Some of us make most of the planning on getting organised for that day while cooking, getting ready to work and meanwhile finishing the household activities, for some its their kids, tiffin box packing, dropping to school, nutrition for the day, relationship issues. Then comes the office life –  emails, phone calls, Meetings, deadlines, task submission, delivery and at times over time production. By the time we blink our eyes the days starts with a stressed up phase slowly building up the trauma and momentum builds like the rolling stone from the top of the hill and as you reach the end of the day you hardly know what really happened and keep wondering what really happened in the day at your bed which unfortunately ends up in an unsatisfying or a lesser sleep time.

Ends up stressed! Isn’t it?

What is the solution? Well I am sure most of us end up thinking about that fantasy fed long holidays at some beach resorts. Some of us make it and some still keep on planning it like forever and ever again. But even still these vacations are going to get you into a short term enlightenment on an annual basis and also on a higher cost. Well then there are some who prefer to go with yoga, exercise and other sports.  But what happens to most of us who undergo through such stressful lifestyle and traumatic lifestyle, end result nervous system dysregulation.

Well  that’s the reason why Mindfulness training comes into rescue for bringing your central nervous system back on track. “ Basically Mindfulness is a psychological process of bringing one towards the attention or focus towards his/her surrounding with reference to any internal or external experience for the current moment without the influence of any emotional response, judgmental activity or any mental filters”.  The term mindfulness is a translation of the Pali-term “sati” which is a significant element of some Buddhist traditions. The recent popularity of mindfulness in the West is generally considered to have been initiated by Jon Kabat-Zinn. However, Mindfulness based mind fitness training has been best practice in the US. Military thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Stanley(Georgetown University and The Mind Fitness Training Institute). Yes, the line of defence sector is the worst place for high stressed filled profession don’t you feel?

Imagine a single Combat head who has to undergo huge amount of external environmental stressors from climate, heat , dehydration along with the fear facing abilities while caring for their co troops nevertheless the controlled emotions and urge to stay focused towards attention or life threatening alerts which can prolong for hours or even days.

As per the research Mindfulness training develop the ability to deploy and sustain attention in the present moment and develop the ability to tolerate whatever is occurring in the body and mind without any disturbance. With practice, these two skills come together and the body reset naturally to make your central nervous system function with better reflex. Reflex or presence/awareness is like an alchemical agent, it allows the body and mind to re-regulate at its own pace. MMFT supports this re-regulation process to happen from the bottom up. But at first, of course, it’s hard because we don’t like to sit and meditate with our racing thoughts and emotions making us wander in mind. So many of us push them away with drugs or medication or television or whatever and return to the past or the future instead of staying in the present. So things being explained now let me tell you how to involve or perform mindfulness-based training on your daily routine. Though there are so many methods of training involved and approached by various institutions and schools the best practice is by mediating for few minutes daily with your focus only on breathing and not letting your mind wander on any earthly matters.

Mindfulness mediation training is as simple as you think it is. Choose a place where you can get decent quietness with natural light, either outdoor or any comfortable spot you desire however consider a place with least of distraction than dead drop silence. Decide a time frame and slowly improve your time frame as per progress. If you’re just beginning, choose a short time such as five or ten minutes. Eventually you can build up to twice as long, then maybe up to 45 minutes or an hour. Many people do a session in the morning and in the evening, or one or the other. If you feel your life is busy and you have little time, doing some is better than doing none. When you get a little space and time, you can do a bit more. There are few things one should take care of before considering the start.


  • Sitting posture: Feel comfortable, doesn’t matter you have to be in a yoga mat or a crossed leg. Take a stabilized position either on chair or on floor but solid still , no leaning or hanging.
  • Spine Posture and leg stance: A best posture is to be natural and let your spine be in its own natural curvature shape, don not bend or stiffen them up. When it comes to legs either cross them or placed them on the floor  rather than hanging if you are sitting on a chair.
  • Gaze and timing: After attaining a posture place your chin down and let your eyelids lower. Being a beginner it will be difficult to track your progress so use a timer from phone or watch to maintain timing , start from 5 mins and eventually progress to 45 mins to 1 hr.
  • Practice: Sit there relax your mind set , concentrate on the breathing and keep your mind with no other thought process intercepting. Eventually it will be difficult as mind tends to jump away easily but as practice one will be able to adhere the mindset.
  • Reset and repeat:  As practice you will began to get comfortable with posture and start following the breathing in and out. That is where the first sign of progress shows off. However unintentionally your focus will slowly leave the breathing and wander to different thought process, when to get the awareness at any moment then return to your breathing moment and focus back again. Rather than judging about the contents of the thought learn to reset and repeat your action by bringing back the focus.



Well that’s it, yes it may sound simple but trust me its not as easy as it looks. After all mastering mind is an art preached in many religious processes through mediation and not all have become the saints. So let’s give this a try and see how it responds back to your lifestyle.


Vinodh V

Nutrition and Fitness Expert

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