Mother of two takes charge of her health – Here’s her Transformation Story

Everyone has seen the TV advertisement for a popular soap brand where people mistake a young mother for a college-going girl. And each time we saw the ad, we’d roll our eyes in disbelief. But our Transformation Story this week is about just such a mother of two. From having low energy and being obese, Swati Bhatia from Kota (Rajasthan) now has boundless energy and looks younger and fitter than ever before.

Here is Swati’s story in her own words:

“First of all, I would like to thank FITMAG magazine for giving me this opportunity to showcase and share my fitness story with you.

Before marriage, I weighed 53kgs. But after getting married and having my first child, my weight increased to 63kg. Determined to lose weight, I started taking care of my eating habits and changed my diet. Slowly and steadily, within 2 years, I was back to 55kg.

Soon after, I was pregnant with my second baby. And sure enough, like the first time, I once again put on a lot of weight except THIS time, my weight rocketed to 72 kg!

But I wasn’t too worried. After all, I had managed to lose weight after having my first baby and all I had to do was follow the same diet and get back to my original weight. Unfortunately, this time around, I failed miserably. In a span of 1.5 years, I hardly lost 2-3 kgs and my weight kept hovering around 70kgs.

I knew I would need to do things very differently. A radical new approach was needed if I wanted to reclaim my health.

Towards A New Me

I started working with a Coach who helped me understand nutrition & exercise and the role they play in one’s life.

However, as they say, “Old habits die hard”. I wasn’t able to follow the diet all that strictly from Day 1. Consistency was a problem. But I was determined to change.

Step by step, little by little, I started making changes in my diet and lifestyle. In particular, the last one year has been magical and the only reason was the combination of diet and workout together.

But a year is a long time and there were times when I felt like giving up. What kept me motivated were the small daily changes that I saw in myself. Every time I looked in the mirror, it gives me immense pleasure to see myself getting fitter and I didn’t want to let go of this feeling of achievement.

That’s the key message I would like to convey to everyone trying to transform themselves – Be patient and consistent. More importantly, give yourself time.

There were so many times when I found it very difficult to maintain this new routine. I won’t shy away from saying that I felt irritated and frustrated a lot of times. Ask any mother who’s taking care of two little children – you’re constantly juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities and you live in this constant fear of dropping the ball. But when you feel this way, just take a deep breath and keep your mind focussed on the goal.

Nutrition & Workout

Let me talk a bit about my diet and exercise routines.

The first habit I changed was the time I would wake up -I gradually went from being a night owl to a morning lark. I also reduced my intake of junk food (which I have always been fond of) and started eating healthy food. Regular exercise…Healthy food and the most important of all Being positive always.

Earlier, I used to eat 2-3 meals in a day but after consulting my mentor, I divided my daily macros into 5 meals per day. I increased my intake of Protein and reduced the intake of Carbs and Fats. I also started including Oats, Nuts, Salad, Fruits and Curd in my diet. With the addition of Cinnamon and Flaxseed, it helped me stay full for longer.

Working out was the most crucial part of my transformation journey. My energy levels were quite low. After doing all my household work, I barely had any energy left in my body and I wanted to change this.

I started using Blue Thera Bands in addition to Bodyweight Squats, Ab Crunches and Plank. I started exercising for 15 mins and gradually increased the duration to 40-50 mins per day.

Hard Work Pays Off

I’m glad to report that after all this hard-work and sacrifice, I have lost all the excess weight and am now fitter than ever before!

Along the way, I received a lot of motivation and guidance from my Coach for which I am thankful to him. These 2 years have been a wonderful journey and I am glad I embarked on it.

I feel I have achieved my initial target. To maintain it, I am following my diet plan and workout routine with complete dedication.

As for the future, I would like to test my body and make it work even harder. My new goal is to tone up my body by concentrating on each body part to make it more aesthetic and appealing, not only for my own satisfaction but also to encourage people to take a step forward and join the feast of living a healthier life”.

Team FITMAG wishes Swati the very best for her future goals!