New Issue: FITMAG March 2019

The latest issue of FITMAG is out now.

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Letter from the Editor

March is a month that has always been special for us here at FITMAG. We solely dedicate this month to the greatest force there is in the universe – Women. An embodiment of Genesis itself, women deserve to have their special month and be acknowledged for every effort and sacrifice that they make and the strength that they possess, giving hope to the rest of the world around them.

Talking about India specifically, we at FITMAG have made efforts to remove prejudices and myths surrounding women and fitness by educating people about the sheer reality from a scientific and logical purview. This time around as well, our efforts are directed at the same goal. On the cover, we have an inspiring story of a strong athlete, Surabhi Date, who represented the country in the Women’s National Team, in an unconventional sport for women in India – Rugby! We hope her story inspires you to be more, to do more, and to just be the best version of yourself instead of wasting away the possibility of “what you can”. 

Also, the seventh episode of Transformation Challenge is here on Fittr app with prizes worth a LOT (Say, a brand new car for example). We have tips and advice for you to do your best in the challenge, lots of knowledge around topics like testosterone, the secret to a healthy relationship, benefits of castor oil and other interesting content for you to dig in.

So go ahead, call out the better version of yourself, and tell them that you’ll meet each other soon!

Take Care,

Dev Biswas!