[New Issue] FITMAG – October 2018 – The TRANSFORMATION Special!


If you’ve always wanted to transform your body but didn’t know where to start, then the October 2018 issue of FITMAG is a must-read!

60 pages of power-packed knowledge & tips from some of the best SQUATS Coaches and Experts. 

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Fat to Fit. Skinny to Fit. Obese to Fit. Unhealthy to Fit. Fit to more Fit.

No matter where you start, your end goal is to be more fit than you presently are and reclaim your life.

With Transformation Challenge 6.0 running at SQUATS, this is the best time to give up all your excuses and reasons and become the best version of yourself.

With that in mind, we have come up with this issue that talks about Transformation as a whole and gives you all the tools you need to transform yourself into a better functioning, stronger, fitter and better-looking individual. The one belief I hold dear is “If you can be better, then why not be it?” and I’m sure that this issue will help you achieve exactly that.

The articles we have curated for this issue range from the basics of nutrition and training to thought provoking topics like why Keto is not the best diet.

Thanks to Abhinav Mahajan, who’s our cover model for this month, for the wonderful photoshoot and interview. He’s doing a great work on Youtube! Don’t forget to check out his videos.

A big thanks to you for supporting Fitmag throughout with your quest to learn and know more.
We promise to keep delivering more every month.

Keep learning and keep spreading knowledge. I’ll await your feedback on dev@squats.in

Dev Biswas