New Year’s Eve: The hack to partying tonight!

So you are on a diet and are in a fix about the party tonight?
There are two bullets to choose from:
1. Stay at home and miss the party OR 2. Go to the party and forget the diet and ruin your progress!

Well, here’s the Matrix dodge for you:

New Year’s Eve comes just once in a year. Don’t miss it. Enjoy and party!
Also, your efforts are precious. Don’t let it go to waste.
Play the middle ground!

Here’s the first thing you need to consider before tonight’s party –

When was your last cheat OR How long has it been that you’ve been on your diet (since last cheat)?
More than 3 weeks?



Congrats! Go for a cheat tonight. But remember to workout really well today evening.
That’s how you earn tonight’s cheat. Alcohol – I’d ideally suggest you to avoid it. However, if you’re cheating on 31st December, a glass of wine won’t hurt. But remember the keyword – WORKOUT!
(Ideally a Depletion workout is what I’d suggest. Whole body supersets, in circuit fashion)



Bad news. No cheat for you.

a hungry girl opens the fridge

However, that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself up in your room and watch the lame TV celebrations.
You can party too!
Yes, you heard that right! However, do keep the following things in mind:


“Partying”, here, means socializing, not hogging on food and alcohol. And socializing means talking to your friends and relatives, singing, dancing, having fun.



So here are my top 7 tips (food options) for you dieters who want to party tonight:

  1. Be wise! That’s rule number 1. The goal is to be on your diet, and still enjoy the party. Remember that! Have self-control.
  2. Have your diet food at home and then leave for the party, So that you are not hungry at the party, and can avoid any distractions.
  3. Beverage options:
    1. Lemonade (lemon juice+water/soda)
    2. Coke Zero/Diet Coke
  4. Food/snack options: You’ve already had your dinner at home. So the food in the party is not for you, remember. However, here are some snack options for you:
    1. Mushroom kebabs/tikka
    2. Chicken/fish/paneer tikka/kebabs (2-3 small pieces won’t hurt your diet. Although don’t go overboard. You’ll make your macros/calories go haywire.)
  5. Go late, leave early. Don’t stay all night.
  6. Dance light, keep drinking water. Or keep sipping on your lemonade. (You can say you’re having Vodka if there’s a party police inspecting you.)

And lastly,

  1. Remember all the efforts you’ve put in till now. Socialize, but not at the cost of your goals. Socializing doesn’t mean eating and drinking your heart out. It’s all about connecting, talking, having fun. Do that. Enjoy!
    Just remember your goals!

Take Care! Wish you a very happy new year!





This article was authored by Dev Biswas, Nutrition and Fitness Expert at SQUATS and Editor-in-Chief of FITMAG.
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