Rashi Ryan Bhowmick: A mother who now knows no limits

Full time motherhood had Raashi neglecting her own health. Just like scores of other mothers who lose themselves in the travails of motherhood, Raashi too gained weight, lost self-confidence, and became antisocial. Her poor health got to the point where she would get breathless even while playing with her own son.

Broken-hearted at her predicament, Raashi sought the help of fitness groups online. This was when she chanced upon SQUATS.



Dubious of the transformations at first, it took her two months to convince herself and to enroll under her mentor, Sushma Pachouri. Simple home workouts and the right diet cut her by 7 kgs and 4 inches in 2 months! Nine weeks into the program with her mentor, she injured her ankle and had to spend considerable time bedridden. However, the best part of her quantified nutrition pathway was that she lost a further 4kgs and 2 inches with just motivation and the right nutrition, despite being bedridden and unable to work out!


Today, apart from all the positivity and self-confidence her good health has gained her, she lives her greatest joy of being able to play with her son without getting tired.

She says “I couldn’t believe that I could get such good results without having to starve.”

Just look at her results, would you even think of disagreeing?


Author credits – Fitmag Team