Read The Story of How One Woman Went From 90 kgs to 60 kgs Simply By Training Her Mind.

Sometimes, there are just no reasons why you’re overweight. Sometimes, you just think this is how it was (is, and will be) meant to be. Guess what Niharika thought?

“As far as I remember, I was born 80 kilos!

Obese Forever

Happy plump childhood, well loved by her family. She would look at other slim and fit girls occasionally and wonder, but her happy-go-lucky mind beat her desires back: “It’s ok, everyone isn’t the same.”

A happy teenage went by in the same manner. And a happy higher education, a happy marriage, and a happy new journey of motherhood… all milestones accomplished being satisfied with her status quo. Her mind had accepted that she would be Obese Forever.


The Mind Bootcamp

Not that Niharika hadn’t tried twisting her mind’s arm. She tried innumerable diets. Her mind made sure she stopped short and gained back everything that was lost. And more.

She considered joining the gym. Her mind equated gym with a Math examination. And ensured she stayed in fear and distaste for physical activity.

Her smart mind scoffed, “…kaunsa tujhe model banna hai?”  [Yeah, right. You’re gonna be a model or what?]

But one day when she stepped on to the scales at the doctor’s and saw 92 kilos, her jaw dropped. She realized she didn’t WANT to be 92 kilos anymore!

No more mind games, she decided. The bootcamp for her mind had begun. And truly, that is the bootcamp that we must all go through before we can put our body through it. Convince your inner voice, and half your battle is won. And that is precisely how she outwitted her own mind.


More than Magic

She joined S.Q.U.A.T.S. with her husband, just to get a feel of it, started reading, got into the groove, felt inspired by the stories and enlightened by the discussions. She consciously trained her mind to consider fitness a hobby, not an exam. It was a conscious effort, and it is NOT MAGIC, says Niharika. But she adds, “Being motivated after years of being OK with yourself…is more than magic”

“You Got This!”

Once her mind was primed and ready, the rest of the journey simply involved the following:

  • Respecting macros.
  • Sticking to the diet plan with planned (and well earned) cheats.
  • Drinking 5 to 6 lts of water daily.
  • Buying two weighing scales – one for food and the other to weigh herself weekly.
  • Swearing by low carb food alternatives from home to restaurants.
  • Dumbbells were her new best friend. From 3 days a week to being regular to the gym.
  • Making Social Media – Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram – all about fitness goals.

The Marksheet

The results were for the world to see (and for her erstwhile lazy mind to see). Niharika lost about 30 kilos in 10 months.

Today she sends her heartfelt gratitude to her mentors Dev Biswas and Matin Shaikh. They had proved that she could do it. And though the journey is still far from over, Niharika oozes confidence today. She has found her best and strongest ally in her positive mind today. And her message is:

“Anyone out there wondering if you are capable of achieving your targets or not, hear me say this loud and clear to you – You Got This!”


The Fitmag Team congratulates Niharika Nigam on her amazing journey, and may you continue to inspire others with your story in the years to come!


– The Fitmag Team