Should Women Bench?

Most of the myths involving women and chest training somehow centers around what happens to the breasts when you train the chest (or pectoral muscles, the muscles underneath the breasts). Actually, these two have almost nothing to do with one another.

  • Myth: Chest training will make the breast firm – Though this one sounds like a good reason why most women would want to train their chest, this is a myth. Training the chest will build the muscle underneath the fat that makes up the breast. If anything, the added muscle may help breasts appear fuller. And that’s about it.

  • Myth: Chest training will make the breast smaller – This sounds like a sure reason why every woman might fear chest training. Breast size has everything to do with diet, and nothing to do with the muscles underneath them. Breasts are basically fat tissue. Unless you are on prolonged calorie deficit to achieve super low body fat percentage, you are not going to reduce breast size (fat mass) from chest training.

The bench press builds strong and big chest – Sounds more like a guy thing??

Big chest is often considered a manly thing. May be women don’t want to look manly with a hulk-like chest!! That’s just the prevailing myth about women and weight training, and getting big.

Rather, chest training has many benefits:

  1. Chest is a large muscle. Training and building it will not only burn calories, but will also have a positive impact on metabolism.
  2. It helps balancing upper body strength.
  3. If you have ever desired for perfect shoulders and triceps, you will be surprised that chest training will help develop these body parts too.

…and this list can go on.

So yes, women should definitely bench to train their chest, and also include other chest workouts in their workout regime.


Article Credits – Aaniethaa Singan (Guest Writer)