Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Should Not Ignore

Women play a crucial role not only in a family but in nature itself, so it is crucial that she takes care of her health.

Especially when it comes to female reproductive health, gynaecological problems cannot and should not be ignored. This is because the symptoms may often seem minor and not requiring a formal diagnosis, but any carelessness can only lead to a major health issue in the future. 

When it comes to disease, awareness is of paramount importance. Same goes for breast cancer awareness, uterine cancer awareness, ovarian cancer awareness.

This article is all about early signs and symptoms to catch the disease in its early stage so that it can be treated.


Ovaries – throughout the female reproductive life, the ovaries carry out the important function of ovulation, that is the crux of the menstrual cycle, and produce the ovas (egg cells). These ovaries can be affected by cancer and produce a cancerous tumour which can be life threatening if ignored for longer periods, as it can metastasize (grow and spread) to other organs in abdomen.

Ovarian cancer is called a silent killer with almost no symptoms when it starts. The symptoms are similar to that of regular menstruation – cramps and backache – so this throws most women off track.

Difficult to detect in its early stages, ovarian cancer is often unknowingly allowed to progress to an advanced stage before it is detected.

In fact, in the majority of women who suffer from this form of cancer, 70-80% are diagnosed after the disease has reached an advanced stage. However, those women diagnosed with early stage of  disease have overall 5-7 years of survival rate approaching 90 to 95%.

So, the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer definitely has better survival rates. Detecting the symptoms at the earliest will be much better for treating and overcoming it.

If you are experiencing any of the signs below daily for more than 2-3 weeks, it is time to talk to your doctor:


*Pelvic or abdominal pain

*Trouble eating or feeling full quickly

*Urinary urgency or frequency

*Constant fatigue

*Lower back pain

*Pain in lower abdomen too often


Risk factors –

  1. Family history – Women having family history of cancer.
  2. Age – Women in their 40’s with these symptoms should never ignore them.
  3. Obesity – Being Overweight or obese will increase chances of ovarian cancer upto 60-70%
  4. Other factors – Women who have not given birth to children or never breast-fed a child should also not ignore these symptoms.


The easiest way is to start by addressing these warning signs. Once you have irregular and prolonged symptoms, or a doubt in your mind, visit your gynaecologist immediately. Medical diagnosis may involve the following tests and procedures:

  • Getting your routine checkup Ultrasound
  • CT-Scan of abdomen.

If you are diagnosed with ovarian cancer at initial stage it will be very easy to treat it by surgery of removal of tumor and later medication depending on type of tumor.


Treatment is usually through surgery, chemotherapy, and/or medication.

Cure is definitely possible if the cancer cells are limited to the ovaries, which then can be operated and removed. However, if it reaches later stages, it will be progressively difficult to treat the cancer.

So when it comes to this silent killer, an early detection is very important. Remember, your health is priority, and ensuring the women’s good health will ensure the happiness of the family as well.


Article Credits – Dr. Namrata Ghushar

Namrata Ghushar

Namrata Ghushar

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