Soya Chapati with Paneer & Cabbage

Soya Chapatti : Steps to Prepare
1. Take 30 grams of soya flour and 10 grams of curd in a container to mix them up.
2. Add some dry flour to roll into chapattis and use a pan, to prepare.
Steps to prepare: Paneer cabbage sabji.
1. Mix all below ingredients-
10 ml ghee.
50 grams cabbage properly cut.
50grams paneer cut into cubes.
20 grams capsicum cut.
20 grams tomato puree.
1/4 teaspoon Mustard seeds.
Green chilli.
Salt, turmeric, red chilli, garam-masala as per your taste.
2.  Add ghee, mustard seeds in a pan followed by all spices as mentioned above.
3.  Add cabbage paneer capsicum tomato puree chilli and ginger
4.  Mix them nicely.
5.  Add some water and keep it in a slow flame, covered for 10min

Your cabbage paneer sabji is ready to be served. By chef – Deeprekha Rajpoot‎