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Journey From Team Fat to Team Fab!!!

You earned your degree and landed a plum job. You think your life is set and is a bed of roses till you encounter a thorn in the form of poor health caused due to obesity. Same was the case with Abhinav Sharma. Read on to find out about how he transformed himself and restored his health and fitness.

2014 – A year of gloom

2014 was the year when Abhinav paid a price for his obesity in the form of hypertension, raised cholesterol levels, pre-diabetes and stress. Irregular work hours had messed up his sleep cycle. Emotional eating, irregular food timings, sedentary lifestyle, junk food diet further contributed to his health deterioration. Nutrition was the last thing on his mind. He had his plate full (literally and figuratively). The scale pointed right and read 109 kgs.

2015 – A year of doom

But there is only so much that the body can take. A further rise in blood pressure accompanied by abnormal heart rhythm warranted a hospital admission. Horrified by the turn of events, Abhinav took this as a wake-up call. As they say, ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’. Relying heavy on bro science, he did everything that was suggested to him in order to “get fit”. Endless hours on treadmill, countless crunches, random diets, fat burners – Abhinav did them all. And yes, the scale pointed left and read 94 kgs.

However his happiness was short-lived and as soon as he stopped gymming and resumed his old lifestyle, the kilos started creeping in, and this time, they showed no mercy.

2016 – A year of body shaming

All efforts seemed to have gone down the drain. The health issues which were kept under check with medications, started rearing their ugly head with vengeance. Depression started to set in, leading to social isolation, crying spells and anxiety. Facing mockery over his weight not just by family, but also by random people like mall salesmen, life just seemed like a dark tunnel. Small solace came in the form of joining S.Q.U.A.T.S. on Facebook, reading the pinned posts and making feeble attempts at losing weight all by himself. But, the spark was just not there. The scale pointed right and read a whopping 118 kgs!

2017 – A year of change

The first half of the year still showed us a hapless Abhinav trying to build up his motivation, save some stash and envisioning a change for good. 16th June 2017 marked a beginning of his journey into the world of fitness backed with science. He enrolled under Vijay Tambi and followed his instructions to the T. He quantified his macros, pre-planned his meals, kept his hydration on point, worked out regularly at the gym. He did not let social events, work stress, difficult bosses, unforeseen circumstances, or for that matter anything to come in the way of his 2-hour intense workout regime. The phoenix had risen from its ashes.

Come year end and the scales pointed left and read 88 kgs! XXXL shirts made way for the L size. S.Q.U.A.T.S. made him achieve what he thought was impossible. And now, there is no going back.

2018 – A year of standing tall, growing strong

Fitness is a journey which does not have finite goals. There are always new goals to achieve. 2018 is the year Abhinav has dedicated to reach his new goals of gaining more strength, bulking muscles, facilitating people on their path to wellness and learning more by enrolling for INFS courses.


We at FITMAG congratulate Abhinav on this massive achievement, and wish him all the very best!!!


– The Fitmag Team